Summer Wrap Up

I’m going to have my summer wrap up series in a series of 2 posts—training for the Chicago Marathon and my big summer half marathon which was this past weekend, Disneyland Half Marathon weekend where I did a 5k, 10k and Half Marathon to get 5 beautiful medals from the happiest place on earth!

When I got into Chicago in late May/early June, my plan of getting a new PR in the 5k and 10k distance went out the window.  I was still able to finally break 30 minutes for the 5k in June.  It was a flat course, pretty good weather (a little humidity), and I really put it all out there.  After the race was over, I felt way more exhausted/tired than I do when I run a half marathon!  I vowed that would be my last racing 5k for the summer.  I had done one other on Memorial Day so two is good for me for the summer!

I didn’t end up racing any 10k distances at all this summer.  I really hate running when it’s over 70 degrees (yes, I know I’m a baby), but there wasn’t anything that was really shouting at me to run it.  I’ve done the Big 10 10k and I did the Chicago 10k last summer and we know I’m not a fan of repeating races, so I ended up not running any 10k races this summer.  I was also really busy getting in my training runs for Chicago, so the thought of adding to my schedule was not a good idea.  I’m actually going to do my first racing 10k in a few weeks in my home town while Lauren tackles the half marathon.  I really wanted to break an hour for a 10k at some point, but with my current PR of 1:03:20… I’ll be happy with any new PR based off of that number.

I’m happy to report that I have completed all of my training runs so far for Chicago.  This includes two 20 milers so far—both of which were pretty difficult.  The first one was 10 miles outside and then 10 miles on the treadmill because it was pretty hot.  The second one was just a few weeks ago and it wasn’t going too bad until mile 19.  It was at mile 19 that I realized my left foot was feeling really weird.  When I got the mileage completely done and back to my car… I took off my shoe and I couldn’t flex my toes up without extreme pain!  I ended up icing it and then got some brand new shoes (I was wearing Nikes that I did not usually wear… I just need to stick with my trusty Asics!).  Luckily with some RICE, new shoes and a few prayers, I’m happy to report that I feel much better now, was able to complete all my Disney races (this happened just 3 days before I left!), and now I know I’ll be able to finish my training for Chicago.

This weekend brings a short 6 mile run and the following weekend is my FINAL 20 miler!  And then it’s taper time baby!  I’m so excited to be almost done… as I do not have any more marathons planned for after Chicago.  I have lots of halves planned but no fulls and I’m pretty excited about that!  I’ve done 3 marathons this year, so maybe I’m just burned out… but I feel like I become a crazy person while training for marathons and it takes too much out of me 😦

I’ll be back next week with a recap of my Disneyland adventure!



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