Sorry for the lack of blog posts by us lately!  To say life hasn’t been hectic is an understatement.  In the summer, I am very busy at work running an outdoor pool… from Memorial Day to Labor Day, I’m usually at work or communicating with work every single day.  When you add training for a marathon, trying to plan out the rest of your 2015 races, being obsessed with your sister’s 2016 wedding… it leaves little time for anything else!

Chicago Marathon training is going well!  I had my first 20 miler on August 9 and it went pretty well.  It was going to be nasty hot here, so I ended up running 10 outside and then did 10 on the treadmill immediately afterwards… it really was a good decision!  I like my training schedule because when I do not have “huge” long runs, it’s just conditioning.  Therefore this past Saturday, I just had to do 6 miles.  Granted it was pretty hard because it was 70+ degrees and 90% humidity—I hate the heat.  I’m really hoping the marathon gods are good to me and have 40-50 degree temps on race day and I can achieve my sub 5 goal.

This weekend, I have to go back to downtown Chicago again to meet up with the marathon training group that I won the entry from.  I only have six on my schedule, so I will just do the six and then pick up my goodies before heading home.  They are giving all of us shorts, tech shirt, singlet, jacket and fitted Nike shoes!  Really I lucked out getting this opportunity and I’m glad I’ve been able to stick with the training for the big day.

I have my 17th state coming up in a few weeks and I’m excited to head out to California for a few days of fun and racing.



One thought on “HELLO!!!

  1. Which shoes are they giving you? I wear Nike Pegasus shoes, if you get the new ones I will be super JEALOUS!!!

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