Chicago Marathon Training Weekly Recap

Another week is done of this marathon training session!

This week was pretty easy with just two thirty minute runs and a 6 mile long run on the weekend.  I also had two personal training workout sessions which went really well too.

This upcoming week is the start of the hard training.  I have my normal two thirty minute runs during the week and then on Saturday, I have my first twenty miler of this training season.  The high for Saturday is 77… so that should mean that when I start my run it will be a little cooler.  I’m going to keep tabs on the weather, get a good night sleep on Friday and then head out early early on Saturday morning.  My parents are coming up this weekend, so I won’t have to worry about my doggie at all during my long run!

In other news, it is now less than 30 days until I go to Disneyland!  Unfortunately, my flight got all screwed up on the way back, but it is what it is (my motto a lot now-a-days when things do not go your way).  I’m really looking forward to state #17!



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