Chicago Marathon Training

Another week of marathon training is done!  This was a very low key week with just 2 thirty minute runs and then a 5 mile long run on Saturday.  Even though the mileage was reduced, it was still a hectic fitness week for me!

It was busy because I finally started working out with a personal trainer!!  I made it a goal for this year to cross train because I had not been doing a very good job at doing anything but running three days a week.  I loved going to yoga, but when I got my new job, it was unrealistic for me to drive 30 minutes to go to yoga L.  I know that in order to get to my under 5 hour marathon goal, I’m going to need a strong core.  Luckily for me, the cost of personal training is very reasonable since I work full time for a park district (all I have to pay is for the cost of the trainer… the park district is not making any money off me J)—so I’m going twice a week for 30 minutes a time.  My trainer is absolutely great!  She pushes me—we’ve done weights, lunges, squats, planks, bar exercises, and more.  After my first time last Monday, I was super sore on Tuesday… I could barely move (but I still managed to get the run in on Tuesday evening).  I’m planning on going for awhile, so I can do the exercises effectively so I do not injure myself.

On Saturday, I did my long run with the Tag Heur group that I won the marathon entry with in downtown Chicago.  Since I live in the suburbs, getting to the city is never an easy feet and I usually do not like to drive but I made an exception and headed downtown.  It was great to meet with the group and get to do a long run in Chicago where I normally do not run.  My only complaint was that it was SO HOT!!  I’m such a fair weather runner in the heat (I basically refuse to run in anything over 75 and it was at 80 degrees), so my pace definitely suffered.  I was so happy that I only had 5 on my schedule unlike the 12 that a bunch of others had.  I just kept saying… well, I ran 17 last week on a treadmill J.  I’ll have to go to Chicago again next month and in September too for continued meetups with the group.  Afterwards, I stopped at Sprinkles and Shack Shake for some greasy food before I headed back to the calmer lifestyle in the burbs 🙂



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