Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!

Please forgive me! I know this has been a recurring theme, but I strongly apologize for the lack of blogging lately. As I spoke about in a previous post, Justin and I are in the process of moving, summer seems to always be a busier time, and I am just plain tired! It’s ridiculous, but some nights I fall asleep at 8PM! I really want to expand the blog and dive into new topics, so I need to put all of my ideas down and make them a reality! I’ll try not to let you all down 🙂

I ran in the Freedom 4 Miler last weekend on the 4th of July. I did over a minute better than last year, and finished in the top 10 for my age group! I would like to say there will be a recap shortly, but I can’t promise anything. I am planning to do one big recap of all my summer races at the end of the summer though 🙂

Now, my next race isn’t until lululemon SeaWheeze in August. I finally bought my plane tickets (holy crap they were expensive!), and am getting excited for the trip. I am sad Justin is no longer able to go, but with us buying a house, it just was too much of an expense. I am relieved I do not have a race until then because the humidity my past few races has been unbearable, and I ran in so many in such a short time, I really needed a break.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am off today because I work tomorrow, but then I am off Sunday and Monday. I plan to do some packing, go on some long walks with my dog, and of course run. I also am going to hit up a couple Shred415 classes.



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