Weekly Recap


What a week!  It was my 3rd week Chicago Marathon Training with two 30 minute weekday runs (both done on the treadmill since it was too hot outside after work to run) and my long run of 13 miles on Saturday.

Unfortunately, my Saturday long run was not ideal as I had to split it up… 2.5 miles before the Country Sole 4 miler and then 6.5 miles in the evening.  It’s ok because I know I can do 13 miles no problem.

The race on Saturday.. the Country Sole 4 miler is a race I will definitely not be repeating in the future.  I’m probably just spoiled but I knew it wasn’t going to be great when they couldn’t find my bib!  The volunteers had no idea where it was (supposedly it wasn’t just me who this happened to) and there was only 1 staff member reassigning bibs!  Unacceptable.  In addition, the course was poorly marked and maybe had 10 volunteers total on the course.  Plus, I did the race with a friend who likes bling but doesn’t like to train, so we walked more than we ran for the race.

This week the training will be a little lighter and I’m hoping the following week to start meeting with a trainer!  This upcoming weekend is also exciting because Lauren is coming up!!

It’s looking like I will end 2015 with a total of 19 states– number 20 just isn’t working at all and I’m not going to do a crappy bling state just to get it done.  I still need to register and get hotel for Iowa and get flight and hotel for Oklahoma.  Other than that, I have nothing else to get done for 2015!  But 2016 is shaping up to be AMAZING!!  I cannot wait to reveal all of it to you soon enough 🙂



2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. 19 states is still awesome!! Good for you. What is/was #20? Can’t wait for you to run in IA and OK.

  2. Well, before I got into Chicago… I was going to do Connecticut and Rhode Island during marathon weekend. And then after getting into Chicago, I was going to do New Jersey (Trenton Half) until I realized that I have to work the day before the race :(. I kept looking but couldn’t find anything good the weekends I was free. So now, #20 will be in January 🙂

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