What I’ve Been Doing

Hey everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I’m going to blame the humidity for this. I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get my runs in since it gets so hot so early, and then at the end of the day when I am normally writing the blog posts, I don’t feel like doing anything except relaxing! I know, a poor excuse! I will try harder!

The past week I have been doing a lot of exercising. I really think I might be addicted to Shred415. They have an unlimited monthly special for new customers, so I bought one of those which I have been using as much as I can (aiming for 4 days a week). I love Shred415 so much and feel great after, I only wish it was cheaper so that I could get an unlimited monthly for the whole year! I think after this month I might buy one more month, and then just buy a 10 class pack and go from time to time. I am learning a lot about different floor exercises I should be doing and different interval runs on the treadmill to help with my speed. I really think after I go to more classes, I will probably be able to make up the workouts on my own at my YMCA which doesn’t charge a ton for a monthly membership. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to have the amazing trainers going this route, but I need to afford to buy food. HAHA.

I have a BIG running weekend ahead of me! A 10 miler on Saturday and then a 5K on Sunday. It’s going to be HOT both days, so I will probably be freaking EXHAUSTED! But I am really looking forward to both of them. My main goal for Saturday’s race is to go at a reasonable pace and try to stay consistent for all 10 miles. On Sunday, the course is apparently downhill so I definitely want to get a PR. AND if I happen to place in my age group you get an apple pie, and I think that is definitely some motivation for running super fast! Hopefully my legs will be as motivated after my 10 mile race on Saturday. Better remember to ice! LOL.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is being safe out there with your runs. REMEMBER, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!



3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing

  1. What races are you doing this weekend? Speed workouts are my focus as I start to prepare for Chicago in October, I would love to hear about how much they have helped you.

    • I am doing the Missouri race series 10 miler on Saturday and then the GO! St. Louis all American 5K on Sunday. I am looking forward to Sunday but not saturday cuz a 10 miler starting at 8am in June is not going to be fun! Haha

  2. I need to check out Shred415. Now I am very curious about it.

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