What a Week!

What a crazy week I had!  Not so much work craziness, but life craziness!

After finding out on Monday afternoon that I was in fact selected for the Chicago Marathon, I quickly realized I needed to create my marathon training schedule.  Since my last half marathon on May 9th, I had quickly just gotten back to an 18 week training schedule for my half marathon in September.  That means my furthest run was 5 miles.  Now I was looking at an 11 mile run this week to jump start the marathon training!

Since my weekend was pretty busy, I decided to do my 11 mile long run on Thursday and do my 30 minute run on Sunday(this worked out perfectly because I did my 5k in 29:29).  It was a tough run on Thursday night on the treadmill, but I was happy to have finished it after a long day of work.

Sunday, I was signed up for my second 5k of the summer.  My big 5k goal of the summer was to be under 30 minutes.  I know some people think since I run half and full marathons, this should be an easy goal.  I love running, but I am not speedy by any means.  I can run my first mile just as fast as my last mile.  I knew this would be a tough goal for me.  I came close 2 weeks ago at my local 5k with 30:36 and that course had hills!

This 5k called Running for Hope 5k was advertised as a flat and fast course.  I knew this would be the real opportunity to go under 30 minutes.  I’ll recap the race on Thursday and even though it was partly a struggle, I still did the 5k in under 30 minutes… 29:29!

This week’s running slows down a bit which is a great thing because we start swimming lessons at work!  Never a dull moment!



One thought on “What a Week!

  1. Yipee! Congrats on the sub 30, cant wait to read about it.

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