Weekly Recap


Monday, June 1: Rest Day

Tuesday, June 2: 4 miles running

Wednesday, June 3: 4 miles running, Shred415 Class

Thursday, June 4: 4 miles running, Shred415 Class

Friday, June 5: Rest Day

Saturday, June 6: Heart to Heart 10K (51:42)

Sunday, June 7: 3 mile run, Shred415 Class

So, I can’t lie I have been in a bit of a rut lately when it has come to my runs. I think this is due to the weather, but also because I’m not really on a specific training plan now since my next half isn’t until August. I’ve been running, but not really probably the distances I should be or at the paces I should be.

I had a 10K race on Saturday and it went alright. I didn’t get a PR and I didn’t feel fabulous after. The course was hilly and it was hot, but I still should have done better! I got second (out of 6) in my age group and 5th female overall (out of 46) but still I didn’t come near my 10K PR and I’m sure if I had been having better training runs I would have done much better.

My goal this week is to sit down and write down a training plan for my next half. I follow the training plan better when I have it down on paper, so this is a must for me this week! It is easy to get unmotivated as we all know, but I need to make sure I keep improving on all the hard work I’ve put in concerning my running.

One thing I have been doing great at is attending my Shred415 classes. I went to three last week and have four more scheduled this week. The treadmill portion of the class is definitely great speed work training, and the strength training on the floor is something I really need. I love the classes and the feeling I get afterwards, and I can’t wait to go to more this week! They claim if you go to 3-4 classes consistently for a month you should see results. So a month from now, I better be shredded! 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Monday (if that’s possible 🙂 )!



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