Thursday Ramblings

My mind is kind of all over the place, so I figured I would basically have a random post for you this Thursday!


-So I have a new obsession. I touched on it in my earlier post this week, but I am totally obsessed with Shred415! I have been to two more classes this week, and I continue to be impressed by it. It’s a 60 minute workout but it literally flies by and every time I’ve gone I’ve worked up a huge sweat and sore muscles. If you live in Chicago or St. Louis and are a runner, you just have to try it. A drop in class is $25, but it is also included in ClassPass for both cities. I decided to do a 2 week free trial of ClassPass pretty much because I saw that Shred415 was one of the studios included! I love challenging myself on the treadmill segments to really push myself because if you only have to go at 30 second intervals, why not go as fast as you can?! I worked it up to a 9.2 this morning and was pretty proud 🙂 I also love the floor part where you work on strength training, because strength training is so important and will make you a better runner. Upper body strength is my biggest weakness, so I am looking forward to improving that by taking these classes. I have been to 3 different classes with 3 different trainers and they are all so positive and encouraging and really push you to your max!


-I am looking forward to the 10K that I have this Saturday. I love races and 10K is my favorite racing distance, so it should be a good time. But, I really don’t think I am going to be setting a PR because with this humid weather I have been having a really hard time adjusting to it with my outdoor runs. I get winded and tired so quickly! So my main goal is to finish strong and try to keep the same pace for all 6.22 miles.


-I’m so happy that Kathleen was able to win the contest and run in the Chicago Marathon. She was so upset when she didn’t get an entry through the lottery and I felt bad for her. When this contest came around I was still thinking she wouldn’t win because the chances were still low, but I was thrilled to hear she got the call saying she won! I am not envious that she gets to train for a marathon in the terribly humid Midwest summer, but am totally jealous that she gets to run this awesome race! Can’t wait to see how well she does and hear what she thinks about the race.

I hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week and good luck on your races if you have any this weekend!



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