It’s Official… I’m In the Chicago Marathon!

Well, if you couldn’t hear the screams from Schaumburg, IL on Monday afternoon… it’s official… I got called for the contest and I won!

I’m not sure how many of us won (one of the other finalists found me on Twitter and told me he won too), but I’m so excited!  I cannot wait to experience the Chicago Marathon as a runner this year.

I had a great time volunteering last year, but I had to wake up super early, missed my friends running the race and had extreme runners jealously!  With this contest, I was lucky enough to also get a hotel room right across the street from the start line.  I’m super excited about this… I can wait as long as possible before leaving the hotel to get to the race.

I’m super excited to be running in the race as so many friends as well.  As you remember, all of my friends got into the race initially except for me.  It’ll be great having some of them cheer for me getting across the finish line and then me cheering for others to cross the finish line too 🙂

I just made out my schedule and it started yesterday!  Unfortunately, the big long run weekends do not have any great half marathons that I can do in new states.  And since it’s the summer, it’s always a crap shoot with the weather.  I’m considering doing RNR Chicago… it’s always so hot that weekend, but I need a 17 mile run that weekend… so this will take up 13.1 of those miles and I’ll get a medal.  I just hate how expensive RNR races are…

Now that I got into the Chicago Marathon… I’m pretty close to finalizing my fall schedule.  I’ll run the Chicago Marathon on October 11, Des Moines Half on October 18, and Rt 66 Challenge (5k on Saturday and Half on Sunday) in November.  I’m thinking about adding one more in so I can have an even 20 states by the end of the year.  I found a great deal for New Jersey in November for the Trenton Half, but I just need to figure out my summer plans before I jump on the great flight (seriously round trip for $150… it’s a great deal!).  We’ll see!

Try and get out there today for a run!  It’s National Running Day!  Even though it’s not my usual running day and I ran yesterday… I’m going to try and get out there for my other weekday run.




7 thoughts on “It’s Official… I’m In the Chicago Marathon!

  1. AHHHHHH!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! So excited for you, and so glad you won! How cool is it that you’ll be running with so many of your friends? And a hotel room right across from the starting line?! AWESOME! 😀

  2. Congrats again on getting in! For National Running Day, you can save $20 on RnR Chicago registration today, or after today you can use my Rock ‘n’ Blog discount code to save $15 (DANCINGTORUNNING).

  3. Yay, that’s awesome that you got in! And so cool that you’ll have a hotel room right by the start line.

  4. Yipeee… hmmm since your hotel is across from the start… I say… Kathleens hotel vs. porta potties! Woo haha

  5. Congrats!!

    You will LOVE the Des Moines Half Marathon. Route 66 is hilly but also a good race. How about the Princeton Half Marathon in early November?

    I’ve thought of the RnR Chicago Half Marathon but it is always so hot.

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