Back in Action!

Again, like I said Sunday, so sorry for the lack of posts. But we’re back! It’s always good to have a little break and then come back fresher than ever.

And, it’s June! Is it just me or has this year FLOWN by? I swear one day it was cold and snowy, and then the next day – BAM! It’s practically summer. Plus, the humidity is definitely here to stay for awhile 😦 I’ve been feeling it a lot more in my runs than I can remember from past years. Like I will be struggling come mile 2 because I am already sweating like a pig and exhausted! It will definitely take a while to get used to again.

So, a quick recap of last week. On Memorial Day, I ran in the annual 10K. I will recap it further later, but it definitely wasn’t my best race. I think it was the first race I’ve had this year in bad humidity, and it really got to me. I was exhausted not even half way through and was really struggling until the end. I had a goal of going under 50 minutes, and that didn’t happen. I was really disappointed in myself, but at least I finished and I actually ended up placing in my division (I really have NO CLUE how this happened). But like I said, I will review it all later. What I learned from it was that not every race is going to be your best, but as long as you finish you have really succeeded. And, I’m not an Olympian or some elite athlete so I can’t be too hard on myself!

About to finish my not so awesome race

About to finish my not so awesome race

Another reason I feel like this race wasn’t my best is simply because I was tired. It was my fourth race in four weekends, and that will wear you out! I need to continue to stretch and foam roll and not hesitate to take a day off if I am feeling too tired.

The rest of the week was pretty relaxed. I went on a few short runs and then ended the week on Sunday with a 9 mile run. I was SO fortunate on my 9 mile run because we had an unusually cooler day (50 degrees) and my run felt so much easier! I also have been using my new shoes that I got last week (Brooks Ghost 7) and I really love them. I have worn Ghosts before and have been happy with them, and this time I got some insoles which really feel good on my sore feet.

One of my best friends Phu was in town for a day because she was going to a wedding close by, and whenever we have gotten together the past few years we have to at least do one fitness related activity. So this time, we tried out Shred415. I have wanted to try this FOREVER, and felt like it would be a perfect time to test it out when I could go with a friend. It’s a 60 minute class and you alternate between 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the floor (hand weights and body weight exercises) and then repeat that again. I don’t think Phu was the biggest fan, but I freaking love bootcamp type workouts so Shred415 was right up my alley! I absolutely loved the workout, it was intense and I was sore for days after, but I can’t wait to go again! I already have two more classes lined up for this week 🙂 I think I might be addicted already 😮 If you are in St. Louis or Chicago, definitely check it out.

The only pic from Phu's visit. Too bad we didn't get one while sweating it up at Shred415 haha

The only pic from Phu’s visit (from the Chinese Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens). Too bad we didn’t get one while sweating it up at Shred415 haha

I love races, but it was very nice to have a weekend off. I have another 10K this weekend on Saturday, and I am going to go in with a positive attitude and this time I will try my hardest to go under 50 minutes. I will preview this race later in the week.

Hope everyone has a great day and happy JUNE!!



One thought on “Back in Action!

  1. I just don’t like people telling me what to do in very loud voices lol. It was so good to see ya! I will give it another shot, and I think we don’t have a pic from shred bc it was raining afterwards

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