Chicago Marathon… Dream is still alive!

Rather than talking about my week in running, which actually went really well (I ran 4 times and I’m feeling really good), I want to share my BIG news!

A few weeks ago, Jenny from RunJennyRun sent me a message on twitter telling me about a second chance opportunity to get into the Chicago Marathon.  She knew how badly I wanted to get in and when I wasn’t selected anyone and everyone who knew I wanted to get in felt horribly for me.  They understood that I didn’t want to go the charity route… it’s a lot of work, which I really don’t have the time or enough friends to help me for.  For this contest, I just needed to write a 1,000 word essay about how I never give up or crack under pressure.

I wrote about the training for my first half marathon when 4 weeks out from the race, I got a horrible IT band injury, but I pushed thru the pain, finished the race, and entered physical therapy the very next day.  I also wrote about that since then I’ve completed the Dopey Challenge as well as my half/full weekend earlier this month.

I really didn’t think much about the contest because I didn’t think my story was good enough to be selected.  On Friday, I was working outside all day getting my pool ready for opening day on May 23.  I checked my phone at the end of the day and saw I had a missed call and voicemail from a 312 number (Chicago area code).

It was the contest organizers telling me I was a finalist for the final spot on the Team Tag Heuer Chicago Marathon team!  The winner will receive a TAG Heuer watch, Nike marathon gear, complimentary entry into the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, complimentary pass into the Balbo hospitality tent, exclusive training from Nike+, one night stay at the Hilton Chicago, and a pre-race carb load dinner.  While I know my story is not as compelling as some of the others there, I made it to the finals, so I deserve my shot to win!  Plus I totally know what I’m getting into with running a marathon and you know me… I won’t give up and I’ll complete all of my training runs!

How do you vote for me?  Well, you need to go to and vote for Kathleen from Elgin!  

Voting ends on May 31st and I’ll find out on June 1st if I won or not!  I’ve been going crazy on twitter, facebook, work, friends and family to get the word out!  You can vote from your home computer, your smart phone, your work smart phone, your work computer, your ipad, your boyfriend’s phone, etc… seriously please help me!  This is an incredible opportunity and one that I am trying very hard to win!

Thank you in advance for your support!



3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon… Dream is still alive!

  1. Crossing my fingers for you!!

  2. Hoping for the best for you!

  3. Catching up on reading blogs. Have you heard anything?

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