39.3 Mile Weekend

A few weeks ago, I took on the crazy adventure of running a half marathon on Saturday May 2nd at the Indy Mini in Indiana and a full marathon on Sunday May 3rd at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati.  Instead of sharing two recaps, I thought I would combine them into one post and detail the top 10 about the weekend!

1—The Weather!

— The weather for both events was perfect!  It was a little cooler on Saturday for the half and a little warm on Sunday for the full, but I cannot complain!  It did not rain or thunderstorm and both races happened!

2—Indy Mini Course

— The Indy Mini course was great!  We started downtown, went to the Indy 500 track and then made our way back downtown!  The course was very flat and a perfect half to take super slow J

3—Indy Mini Entertainment

— There was so much entertainment on the race course!  Practically at every half mile there were different musicians, dancers, groups or some other entertainment.

4—Indy Mini Crowds

— The Indy Mini race is one of the largest half marathons in the country with over 22,000 finishers for the half marathon.  There were corrals at the beginning (from A to T!) but I found that they were NOT BEING ENFORCED at all!  I don’t know why you would have corrals if you won’t reinforce them!

5—Post Indy Mini Race

–The medal for the Indy Mini Race was GREAT!

One thing that I really enjoyed about this race was that they gave us a bag to put all of the goodies in afterwards (water, banana, chips, and more).


6—Flying Pig Pasta Party

— I love it when a race offers a pasta party.  It makes it very easy for me when this is offered because I don’t have to worry about figuring out where to eat ahead of time!


There was a good selection of pasta, salad, bread, and cookies.

7—Flying Pig Start and Corrals

— The Flying Pig race started at 6:30 am.  While it was early, especially since I had to be at the race site by 5 am with road closures (my hotel was 30 minutes away too), I like starting a marathon early because it just means that I’ll get done sooner and I don’t have to wait around to get started!  The corrals at the Flying Pig were actually enforced which I appreciated!  There were lots of port o potties inside the corrals and I didn’t think the corrals were busy at all.  The crowding on the course was pretty manageable.

8—Deciding to go right onto the full instead of left 

— My only other marathon that I have run was the Disney Marathon where everyone was running the marathon.  This race there was a half marathon, marathon relay and the marathon.  Around mile 9 is where the half marathon turned left to finish the final four miles and the marathon and relay turned right.  Once I turned right, I knew I was on the full marathon course and it was going to be another 2+ hours to the finish swine!

9—Support and hills

— Holy moly… Cincinnati was hilly!  I had heard it was hilly and it lived up to that hype.  I was a little upset I didn’t get under 5 hours (I was at 5:03)… but with the hills, I’m not too disappointed.  But the other thing that was stop on was the crowds and support!  Wow, every mile had TONS of spectators cheering for us.  At mile five down Main St, I felt like I was running on Michigan Avenue in the Chicago Marathon… it was JAM PACKED with people.  After getting rejected for the Chicago Marathon, this was a great way to make up for it J.  Also there was SO MUCH FOOD on the course.  From Swedish fish, beer, chocolates, gummies, graham crackers, bacon, gels, oranges and so much more… it was quite overwhelming at times!  It’s funny how you are taught as a child not to take anything from strangers, but during a marathon, you’re willing to take anything and everything from them.


10—The Flying Pig BLING

— I had no intention of running another marathon after Disney, especially only 4 months afterwards, but when I figured out the bling was so much better for the full than the half for the Flying Pig, I knew I had to do the full marathon.  The ribbon is so much better than the half ribbon (the half ribbon was just blue and said “flying pig half marathon”) and the medal while it is the same is significantly bigger for the full marathon.


Will I ever do a Goofy Challenge again?   I’d say heck no.. but if the bling is another factor for me… maybe so someday, but not anytime soon!  I’m planning on a double half weekend in October this year but I’m not planning on anymore marathons for 2015.

Now having a big break until the next half in September 🙂



2 thoughts on “39.3 Mile Weekend

  1. Ha, finish swine! I love it, and the photo with the pigs 🙂 Both of these races sound like a lot of fun.

  2. Haha finish swine is hilarious. That PR bell is AMAZING!

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