Weekly Recap


Monday, May 4th: Rest Day

Tuesday, May 5th: Rest Day

Wednesday, May 6th: 3.87 miles on treadmill (11:38 pace)

Thursday, May 7th: Rest Day

Friday, May 8th: Rest Day

Saturday, May 9th:  Running with the Cows Half Marathon (2:23:37 (10:58 pace))

Sunday, May 10th: Rest Day

What a busy week!  I finished my final half marathon of the crazy 3 racing weekends in a row.  It was tough on Saturday for me (I was tired by mile 2)… but I pushed thru and finished State #16!!  I’ll be recapping the race later this week or early next week.

Since I ran a marathon on May 3rd, I knew I didn’t want to run too soon again, so I only ran once this week on Wednesday on the treadmill.  My Nike Plus app decided not to start and I didn’t notice until 3 minutes into the 45 minute run, so I just went with what the treadmill said.

On Thursday, I left work after a half day and headed down to St. Louis.  I wanted to be in St Louis around 5 pmso that I could have dinner with one of my college best friends.  We ate dinner at Sweetie Pies (if you’ve heard of the show on OWN… it’s absolutely great… southern comfort food!) and I got to see her new house.


After dinner, I headed to Lauren’s apartment.  Since she was working until 9 pm this worked out great!  After she got home… we chatted for a bit, she showed me her latest running medals (I love some good bling!), and then she packed and we went to bed.

It was supposed to take us around 4 hours to get to Kansas City.  The packet pickup was at 4 pm, so we planned to leave around 10 am, so we could have some time to maybe take in a few sights in the KC area.  Unfortunately, mother nature had a different plan for us.  Right after we got on the highway in STL, it started raining and HARD.  At some points it was raining so bad that I had to look at the lines in the road to make sure that I was driving ok.  Therefore, we were also driving a lot slower than normal, so we didn’t arrive in KC until after 3 pm.  At this point, I was so tired from driving in the rain that we dropped off our stuff at our hotel and 5 minutes later, went to the packet pick up.

The packet pickup was pretty low key… which we expected.  It was in a small room… one section for the half marathon, one section for the 5k and then a merchandise area.  We got an awesome shirt and bib.  I didn’t purchase anything from the official merchandise (shocking, I know!) but Lauren got a cute tank!

With a cow outside the packet pickup!

With a cow outside the packet pickup!

After we left the packet pickup, we headed to Olive Garden to carb load and then back to our hotel to get ready for our race!  The start time the next day was at 7:30 and we needed to leave the hotel at 5:45 to get there on time.

My dinner at the Olive Garden.

My dinner at the Olive Garden.

Lauren with her meal

Lauren with her meal



2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. You know, I know a better restaurant to carboload at than Olive Garden! 🙂 Great job on a crazy few weeks of running. Enjoy your break.

  2. Well deserved rest .. impressed another half after your 39.3 weekend!

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