Cinco K Mayo Race Recap

On Sunday, I ran in the Cinco K Mayo 5K. The proceeds from this race benefitted lymphoma research, and since I was running it with one of my friends who is a survivor of lymphoma, it was a special race.

I had Justin pick up my race shirt and bib on Thursday night because I had to work that evening. I really thought the shirt was cute – I wasn’t a huge fan of the brown color, but the design is hilarious!


The race started bright and early at 7:30 AM Sunday morning. There was plenty of parking so I would have been fine driving by myself, but I was really happy Justin decided to come too, even though he definitely does NOT like to wake up early! Since it was a fairly short distance though, he knew it wouldn’t take too long and I bet he was looking forward to the breakfast burrito I got after 🙂

I found my friend Richelle and her sister about 10 minutes before the start. This race wasn’t as small as some races I have done, but wasn’t extremely large either. Last year was the first year of the race, and the course record for women was 22:47. I knew that would probably be easily broken this year, but my main goal was to beat that time!

We headed to the start line and I tried to position myself sort of in the front of the pack because I could tell there were a lot of people planning to walk. I didn’t feel great in the beginning (probably shouldn’t have had the peanut butter dream master blast from Sonic the night before 😦 ) so I really didn’t know what to expect.

I was going at a fairly fast pace at the beginning, but it was a pace I felt I could keep up with for the 3.1 miles (around 7:20). I wasn’t really getting passed by many people and could see all the leaders ahead of me, so I felt like I was doing pretty well.

The hills were much tougher than I thought they would be though! I had read in the description that there would be rolling hills, but after Kentucky I figured nothing could compare to those! While they weren’t as bad, they were still a challenge and I was definitely feeling it! My second mile was about 20 seconds slower than my first, and I knew I had to kick it up to be able to reach my goal and try to place in my division.

My last mile I did just that, and it matched the first mile. I ended up crossing the finish with a time of 22:43. This was a 17 second PR for me (from just a couple weeks ago!) and I was really happy with my time. After the race, I got a DELICIOUS breakfast burrito AND a margarita. Sure, it was early but the margarita tasted like juice so I couldn’t say no!


About a half hour after, the final results were posted and I got second in my age group! My award was an awesome margarita glass! This ended up being one of my favorite 5K’s I have done, and I will definitely be back next year!

With my awesome friend Richelle!

With my awesome friend Richelle!




6 thoughts on “Cinco K Mayo Race Recap

  1. Great time on the 5k! You are really getting a lot faster, I need to hear about your training plan so I can work it into my Chicago Marathon training in the fall.

  2. Congrats on the age group award! I love that it was a margarita glass 🙂

  3. Great time on the 5k!

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