1 Day, 2 Expos!

Last Thursday after work, I drove to my grandparents house.  By going to their house on Thursday, it was going to cut 35 minutes off my drive on Friday… since I was driving so much on Friday, any time saver would help!

So on Friday, I woke up at 5:45 and was out of their house around 6:30ish.  It would take 3 hours to get to Indianapolis.  Also, Indianapolis is on East Coast time, so I’d be losing an hour going to Indianapolis.

I got to Indianapolis around 10:30.  I wanted to be there at 10, but in the end, it was ok.




The expo was pretty low key which I was shocked about because this was one of the largest half marathons in the country!  There were Chevy cars since that was one of the official sponsors of the race and I was able to sit in a brand new Malibu (I drive a 2010 Malibu).  That was fun and I meant to have one of the guys take my picture, but I forgot.

I only bought a sticker, ate a few gummies and then headed out.  I love the shirt for the race and the yellow bag that we were given upon entering the expo.



I left Indy around 11:30 and headed to Cincinnati!  I wanted to make sure that I got what I wanted at the expo, so driving there on the same day seemed like a good idea.  In the end, I am sure glad I did that!

When I got to Cincinnati… I was so excited!!  I had been signed up for Indy since May 2014, but the Flying Pig was the race I was really looking forward to!  I had heard so much about the expo… I was so excited.

The expo was HUGE!!  There was so much.




First, the packet.  First, I got my bib and then I had to make my way all the way to the back to get the bag, shirt and poster.  The bib is pretty plain (especially compared to the colorful blue half bib or the challenge bibs (I couldn’t do the challenges since I was running in the Indy Mini)) but it got the job done.  The bag is pretty cool, but the straps don’t stay very well… oh well.. a free bag.  The poster is pretty cool… I have to figure out if I want to get it framed or not.  But the shirt.. OMG… it is awful!!  It’s supposed to look like a baseball jersey (Cincinnati has the All Star game this summer, so All Stars was the theme of the race)… but it is ugly!  No piggy on the shirt… so boring!



After that, I made my way to the Proctor and Gamble free goodies.  They gave us a full box of Kleenex, 5 tampons, a sample of laundry detergent and a shampoo sample.  Pretty nice!

I decided to hit up the Sparkly Soul headbands next.  They had a special Flying Pig headband, so I picked that up, along with a few other headbands!  I don’t buy headbands often and for just $10 per headband, I couldn’t resist!


I also picked myself up a SpiBelt… I lost mine after Disney and I cannot do marathons without constant fuel.  I haven’t lost it yet… I hope I don’t lose this one!

I also got this cute Pig Cake Pop!  It was just as tasty as it looks!!  I also got another one after the race.. worth the $5.


In addition, I picked up this shirt, sticker, magnet, and pig stuffed animal from the official merchandise booth!



There was so many other booths at the expo that I could have gone crazy!  There were lots of races, services (there was even hair braiding!  Which now looking back, I should have done!!), and other running goodies.  I had to limit myself!  I also went around and participated in the expo raffle which I had to find all the pigs to scan in the codes for raffle prizes.  I didn’t win any prizes.. but scanning in the codes sure was fun!

I had to leave Cincinnati at a decent time because I needed to get back to Indy to gear up for my race!

I’ll be back next week with the race recaps!!



10 thoughts on “1 Day, 2 Expos!

  1. I actually like the baseball jersey shirt! Its definitely not the worst race shirt I have seen. The Flying Pig expo does look like a good one. I will have to look at doing that race as my spring marathon next year possibly.

  2. That’s disappointing that the official race shirt doesn’t have a piggy on it. At least you got lots of other great merchandise though!

  3. Oh boy that is a bummer the marathon shirt did not have the pig on it – does it usually have it? Do you think they did that so you could buy an extra shirt? Those cake pops are adorable!

    • The shirts last year were white but at least they had a pig on them! So boring.. the official merchandise was awesome… if they ever restock their online shop, I’ll be getting more. Yes, the cake pops were great… i actually ate 2 🙂

  4. Wait, two races in two states on a weekend? Nice!

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