Weekly Recap


Monday, April 27th: 21 Day Fix Extreme

Tuesday, April 28th: 21 Day Fix Extreme, 3.11 miles running

Wednesday, April 29th: 21 Day Fix Extreme, 5 miles running

Thursday, April 30th: 21 Day Fix Extreme, 5 miles running

Friday, May 1st: 21 Day Fix Extreme

Saturday, May 2nd: Rest Day

Sunday, May 3rd: Cinco K Mayo (5K) race, 2 miles running with Lilli

This was an easier week of workouts for me as I started to taper for the half marathon which is this Saturday. I had some really good runs speed wise, and I continued doing my 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts. I ended the week with a really awesome 5K on Sunday, where I not only got a new PR, but I got lots of other goodies as well :). I will recap it later this week.

I am so excited that the Running with the Cows race week is here! Kathleen and I are really looking forward to heading to Kansas for this race. I have only read positive things about it, and they keep adding more and more food for after the race, so I think I have some extra incentive to finish quickly! Right now thunderstorms are predicted for Saturday. Hopefully, though, we will at least be able to have a few hours thunder and lightning free so that the race will go on! Cross your fingers for us 🙂

This week, I will definitely have some easier runs and will listen to my body to ensure that I am rested and ready for 13.1 on Saturday. I am of course hoping for another PR, so to make that happen I need to make sure that I have some fresh legs for the race.

I hope everyone has a great week!



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