Well folks, I was rejected in a race lottery for the second time this year… I did not get into the Chicago Marathon.  If you don’t believe me, here is a screenshot of my “athlete center”


To say I’m bummed is an understatement.  When I didn’t get into New York City Marathon, I was ok with that because I couldn’t even do it this year and would have had to defer to 2016.  But I was counting on Chicago.  All my twitter friends and real friends were trying to run in it.. and they ALL got in… Brandon, Heather, Jenny, Phu and countless others out there.  I didn’t see one rejection.  Just from this little person over here.

Going into the lottery, I was nervous.  They kept the Chicago Marathon lottery open for 6 weeks, if you didn’t get into NYC and Marine Corp, then you could put your name in for Chicago still.  That’s crazy!  I kept telling my friend Brandon I was nervous, since we were all trying to run in, but he told me I couldn’t worry about it (which is true).  But it was hard when first Heather found out, Jenny, Phu and then Brandon.  As the day wore on, I knew it was going to be a longer shot for me.  Finally at 4:45 CST, I got the official word— “Not Selected”.

Everyone keeps telling me to run for charity but I’m going to pass on that option.  I really don’t know that many people and I hate asking others for money—especially so I can run to get a medal—doesn’t seem right to me.  Others suggested other marathons.. but honestly, I only run marathons for the races that I really want to… I don’t just want to run a marathon to run a marathon.  Disney was a big first time marathon for me and I chose the Flying Pig full because the medal for the full was amazing and crowd support incredible.

So here are the pros and cons of not getting into the 2015 Chicago Marathon…


–Not having to marathon train for awhile… this is a HUGE pro… it’s a love/hate relationship with marathon training

–Finding another state to do… since I live in Chicagoland, if I didn’t get selected to run the Chicago Marathon, I cannot be here while the race is going on.  I’ve started researching and it looks like I’ll be going to Connecticut to run the Hartford Half on Saturday and then Massachusetts to run the B.A.A. Half on Sunday or a Rhode Island Half Marathon on Sunday.

–I can try and sign up again next year with Lauren… notice how she was the only person not on that list.  She’s busy for the 2015 Chicago Marathon, but she wants to try and put her name in for 2016.  I was lucky in the Nike Women’s DC lottery with her last year, so maybe she is my good luck charm?


–Missing out!  Seriously, I am beyond sad that I won’t be racing with all of my friends.  It sucks and it’s not fair!!  I couldn’t do anything about it… it’s not like Disney where I know I have to be at the computer at 11 AM or like most marathons were you can sign up almost to the day of the actual race.  It is a lottery and in a lottery there are winners and there are losers… I was a loser on Tuesday.

Ok, I’m going to stop having a pity party for 1… be happy for my friends who got in (I am really happy for all of you!!  Seriously!!)… and move on!  One of my former coworkers is having one of the worst experiences of her life—her husband has brain cancer and she has a baby that is less than a year.   So, I can remember that life can be much much worse!

Must stay focused for this weekend—39.3 miles!  🙂



8 thoughts on “Rejection—Again

  1. UGH, I’m SO sorry to hear that you didn’t get in. Lotteries SUCK. If it makes you feel any better, I ran the Hartford Half two years ago and it was a GREAT race!

    I know it won’t be the same as running Chicago, but maybe this just means that you were meant to run it next year with Lauren. 🙂

    And you’re so right…we all get totally swept up in our races, and I know I sometimes forget just how lucky I am to be healthy and able to enter a race lottery at all. Fingers crossed that you guys BOTH get in for next year!

  2. Soo sorry Kathleen – I know how much you wanted to run your home race this year. Its so frustrating Chicago has their lottery open so long that more people enter it after hearing about NYC and MCM – I wish there was a guaranteed option (like what NYC use to do) for you. Hoping you get in next year with your sister. Good luck this weekend!!! Hugs.

  3. So sorry you didn’t get in! That is such a bummer. 😦 I do not like lotteries at all! Have a great run this weekend!

  4. So sorry, that’s such a bummer you didn’t get in. I despise race lotteries! 😦 Have a great run this weekend!

  5. I’m sorry you didn’t get in the lottery 😦 But your pros are all huge! That’s a great plan that you’re going to add a new state to your list that weekend.

  6. This still makes me sad 😦 I still think you could do charity though! You got until tomorrow to reconsider 🙂

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