Weekly Recap + Mini I Challenge Recap

Monday, April 20th: 4.52 mile run OUTSIDE (9:57 PACE!)

Tuesday, April 21st: Rest Day

Wednesday, April 22nd: 4.16 miles treadmill running (10:48 pace)

Thursday, April 23rd: Rest Day

Friday, April 24th: Presence Covenant Medical Center Illinois 5K (Part of the Mini I Challenge) (48:10—15:29 pace)

Saturday, April 25th: Presence Covenant Medical Center Illinois 10K (Part of the Mini I Challenge) (1:04:19—10:21 pace) + .8 mile warm-up (11:22 pace)= 7 mile run (10:29 overall pace)

Sunday, April 26th: Rest Day

Instead of telling you about my week (which overall was boring with the exception of Mondays outdoor run without music… which was awesome… and I totally felt the energy of the Boston Marathon)—I’m just going to skip straight to my weekend of running!

As I mentioned on Friday, I really had no goals for the weekend… my goal was just to have fun!

I left Chicagoland on Friday early afternoon with a few friends to head down to Champaign-Urbana.  We made a quick pit stop on the way to drop my dog off with my parents.  My dog Kallie is the best, but unfortunately, I do not have the kind of time to devote to her when I’m busy racing.  My mom is retired so she can spend all sorts of time with Kallie!  It’s great to have such great parents who are able to step in to help me out with her from time to time 🙂

After we dropped off Kallie, we made our way to the expo.  It was small but a fairly good size.  I only bought one thing—some pain reliever cream—so we’ll see how good that works for me!  The race had a marathon, half, 10k and 5k—so there was a lot going on!  The marathon, half and 10k were on Saturday and the 5k was only on Friday. You could register for any race and if you wanted to the 5k on Friday night then you’d get a challenge medal (mini (5k+10k), half (5k+half) or full (5k+full)).  My plan was to do the 5k on Friday night with one friend and the 10k on Saturday morning with another friend—that way I could get 3 medals (you know… all about the bling!).

The 5k started at 7:30 on Friday night.  I was running with my friend and one of her friends.  Since both of the girls are not big runners, I knew I’d be the coach and figure out what intervals we were going to take.  I had no idea how much they trained or how much they wanted to push the pace.

This race had 7200 people, so I told them that in the beginning… we were going to need to run just so we didn’t get trampled.  We were assigned a corral, but there was no enforcement of corrals.  We started in corral E (one from the last one), but it was still had tons of crowding in the beginning.  My original plan was to do 1 minute run, 2  minute walk with the girls.  Unfortunately that was too much running, so I took it down to 30 seconds running and 2 minutes walking.  We were able to successfully do the race in 48 minutes and I’m so proud of the girls!  It was their first ever race and they didn’t give up!!  I’m happy to say that I coached them to the finish line.

The 10k was not exactly how I thought it was going to happen.  First off, it was crummy weather.  They were predicting rain and thunderstorms all week.. so I was prepared for that.  We were able to finish unlike many marathoners including my friend were pulled off the course around 4 hours in due to lightening.  Secondly, my other friend whom I was planning to run and coach to the finish was planning to walk the whole thing.  I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted to do a similar run/walk that I had done the night before, but this friend had done very little training and was going to walk the whole thing.  That’s unhelpful to me.. so I decided to go at my pace. Unfortunately, I slept on my back wrong on Thursday night, so my back was throbbing (better to happen this week than next!), so I knew this was not going to be a PR.  Thru it all, I’m still happy with how I did running the 10k at 10:21 pace.  I had total negative splits too!!  10:4410:2210:2010:1810:039:52… I’ve never done that before!  It may not have been a PR but for the cold, rain and my back… I’ll take it.

Here are my pro/con lists:


-AWESOME finishers food—After the 5k, we got a bottle of water, banana and a 4 inch jimmy john’s sub (tasted awesome!).  After the 10k, we got a bottle of water, bottle of Gatorade, a cookie from a local cookie shop, piece of papa johns pizza, cup of mostaccioli and Hawaiian roll, huge bag of pretzels and probably something else I cannot think of.

-GREAT ROUTES!—the 5k was all thru campus and campustown which was awesome for alums.  The 10k was thru downtown Champaign and neighborhoods and both routes were nice and flat.

-GREAT RACE COMMUNICATION—lots of emails and facebook updates!  Especially with the weather, they did a great job with communicating all the updates throughout the entire process!


-Kind of crappy medals—they are small… which doesn’t bother me too much since I was doing the 5k and 10k.  But the marathon medal was pretty small.. the only good thing about that medal and the half medal was the ribbons.

-Water stations were sparse (1 for the 5k and 2 for the 10k) and not well staffed… umm

-Lots of crowding—especially in the 10k with only 1 lane to run in and 2 lanes for traffic)


Overall the races were excellent!!  I definitely cannot return next year (already have plans!), but I’d like to return in 3 years for the 10th anniversary (I love anniversary years with races!) and hopefully Lauren can make it as well!

Now, I’ve just got 2 runs before the Midwest Goofy!  They finally released the Flying Pig Marathon medal and I’m beyond excited to add it to my collection!!!

I’ll be back on Thursday with a preview of the weekend!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Recap + Mini I Challenge Recap

  1. That’s awesome that you were able to coach two friends to the finish line of their first race for the 5k 🙂 Hopefully it was a good enough experience that they’ll want to keep doing it!

  2. I like anniversary races as well. So nice you coached your friends in the 5K – so fun to see someone finish their first race. What a bummer about the weather – congrats on the negative splits.

  3. I like the shirt I got for the relay. It listed the distance for each leg. I still cannot believe the crappy weather and yes congrats on the negative split.

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