Race for Jane 5K Recap


Last Saturday, I ran in the Race for Jane 5K. This race was in the park that I always run at, so I was really looking forward to running a course that I was very familiar with. The race was also for a great cause. The organizer was the Jane Doe Advocacy, which according to their website:

Jane Doe Advocacy Center is a legal service center for issues relating to sexual violence and public health. Through unique services and programs, Jane Doe brings the tools and resources of the legal system into the hands of individuals.

Throughout the course of our work, Jane Doe strives to ensure that individuals are empowered to claim justice, rebuild dignity, and experience a sense of compassion through the legal system.

I picked up my packet the night before, and received a nice purple race tshirt and blue water bottle. On our race bib instead of numbers, there was a typed up story about a “Jane Doe” who experienced sexual violence as a young child. Each person’s race bib had a different story, and we were all running in honor of the survivors and victims of sexual violence. It was very powerful.

I awoke early the next morning for the race. I love races so I was excited and ready to go at 6AM, the only problem was – the race wasn’t until 10AM. I knew the time of the race, I was just all ready to go very early and it felt like forever for 10AM to get around! Around 9:20, I left the apartment and walked across the street to the start of the race. I was surprised to see there weren’t very many people running, probably only around 50. This was disappointing since this race was supporting such a great organization, but it was still nice to see everyone who was there excited to run and the weather was beautiful for the race.

I met my friend Richelle there and she picked up her packet since she had problems getting it the night before, and then we went over to the start line. I knew pretty quickly that I had a good chance to place in my division because there were so few people and a lot of people that were there were walking.

The race started right at 10AM, and I was in the lead for about the first .5 miles!! It was a really strange feeling and I was kind of relieved when 2 guys passed me because 1) I didn’t want to take a wrong turn and throw everyone off, and 2) I was going way too fast and knew I couldn’t keep up with that pace for long!

I was still in third once we reached the turn around point and I was shocked when I turned around that the rest of the pack was really far behind me! I was easily in third and it was very exciting!

I ended up crossing the finish line at 23:00, which was a PR for me for the 5K. I got third overall and first for the women and received a special medal at the end!

Receiving my medal!

Receiving my medal!

Justin came to see me at the end and for the pancake breakfast! Richelle and I were very excited about the free pancakes after the race, and they definitely lived up to the hype! They had brown sugar to sprinkle on top which I had never tried before, but now I don’t think I will ever eat pancakes without it because they were delicious!

It was a fun morning at my favorite park and I am definitely looking forward to the next time I get to race in the park again.



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