Summer Goals

With summer quickly approaching (my pool that I manage opens in about 30 days), I decided that I needed a few fun goals for the summer 🙂

1—PR in 5k and/or 10k

— First off, I’ve never actually “raced” in a 5k.  I’ve only done 2  5ks and both of them were pretty slow since I was resting for races the next day.  I’d love to actually run in a good 5k (no glow races, foam, or other silly tactics) to get a decent 5k PR time.

Also, I’d really love to break the hour mark for the 10k!  Right now, my 10k PR is 1:03:20… so just to break that would be great, but if I can get under 1 hour, I’d be super happy.

Time to start looking for something local and flat to get these times!

2—Strength Training!

— I’ve really been sucking on my year long goal to cross train.   Marathon training is no joke—especially when I’m also running a half the day beforehand.  Since I’m not running any huge distance between Mother’s Day to Labor Day, I’m going to have the time to do other things!  Therefore, I really want to start strength training… my legs look awesome from running, but the flab on my arms is horrible!  I need Michelle Obama arms… like now.  I’ll start working on strength training starting in June once my pool gets open and I don’t have to be there 24/7.

3—Enjoy summer!

— Last year, my summer was pretty strange.  The first half of the summer, I was still working at the golf course—which meant I was working all the time, trying to run on minimal sleep, and was pretty depressed.  The second half of the summer, I got my new job which I love, but since it was a new job, I was working a lot, but was able to finally manage life, running and work a bit better.  This summer, I’m still super focused on my job, but I’ll be able to make time for other things besides work and running!  Hopefully, my sister and I can do something fun….maybe a festival or a return trip to the IL State Fair?  I’m pretty sure I’m going to see my favorite singer Kelly Clarkson here in Chicago in August.  I’m also planning on some home improvements—new drapes and blinds among other things.  And also I’ll be gearing up for my end of the summer trip to Disneyland for the Dumbo Double Dare 🙂



4 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. I think you forgot the best goal…to be training for the Chicago Marathon!!!

  2. Enjoying summer sounds like a great goal! I hope you have a good one 🙂 Kelly Clarkson and the Disneyland trip both sound like a lot of fun.

  3. The Kelly Clarkson concert should be fun! Two more days until lottery announcement time!

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