Weekly Recap


Monday, April 13th: Rest Day

Tuesday, April 14th: 2 miles running

Wednesday, April 15th: 5 miles running

Thursday, April 16th: 6 miles running

Friday, April 17th: Rest Day

Saturday, April 18th: Race for Jane 5K

Sunday, April 19th: 8 miles running

The beginning of this week was ROUGH! I was super sore from my half marathon and was worried I had pulled something in my hamstring and one of my calves. But after some ice and rest on Tuesday night, I was finally feeling like normal on Wednesday! I am not sure what caused my pain, but it might be because of my shoes and probably from insufficient stretching after my half (shame on me!).

Saturday I ran in a local 5K that was across the street in the park. It was SUPER small (around 50 people) but definitely boosted my confidence because I ran my fastest 5K ever! I will recap this race later in the week.

This week, I am focusing on getting all my runs and cross training (workout DVDs and walks) in. I really want to continue to get stronger and faster so I am really committed to following my training plan! I also am going to try to eat healthier this week. Last week I had so much junk food and definitely was dragging most days. I am going to make an effort to make healthier choices and not snack as much during the day.

I have no races this weekend, but then I do have races the following 4 weekends! The weather has been great and I love the Spring season because there seem to be so many awesome races to participate in!

Have a great week!



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