Weekly Recap


Monday, April 13th: Rest Day

Tuesday, April 14th: 4.14 miles treadmill running (10:51 pace)

Wednesday, April 15th: Rest Day

Thursday, April 16th: Rest Day

Friday, April 17th: 4.13 miles treadmill running (10:53 pace)

Saturday, April 18th: 6 mile run OUTSIDE (9:57 pace!!)

Sunday, April 19th: Rest Day

This week has got to be my favorite week of marathon training in recent memory as my “long” run was only 6 miles!  I love it!!

It’s great that I didn’t have too many miles this week because I was busy!  I feel like a broken record and I know everyone is busy… but sometimes it gets to be a bit much.  Wednesday and Thursday, I was in an Aquatic Facility Operator class (super fun stuff let me tell you… I’m surprised any pools are open with how much math/science goes into chemicals in the pool) and then I passed my test on Thursday afternoon.  After I got out of my class, I ran back to work for our annual volunteer reception where I had to give a speech to present the volunteer of the year for our recreation department.  It was so fun to see all of my volunteers and get to surprise our volunteer of the year.

This week had ups and downs with training runs.  Unfortunately, it was WAY too hot on Friday to run outside after work (I got sunburned last week and I don’t want to repeat that) and on Tuesday, I wasn’t really wanting to run much (I was still tired after the 30 weekend miles) so I decided to watch tv on the treadmill.  My treadmill runs were just ok. So on Saturday, I knew I had to get outside.  The weather was ideal—63 degrees and little wind.  Lauren got me a shirt at Run the Bluegrass (we know how obsessed I am with that race, so I was so happy!  I’m signed up already for 2016!) so I wore that and put on my visor so I won’t add to my peeling sunburn.  Around 2.5 miles, I stopped my watch to adjust my hair tie and it BROKE!  What?!  That’s never happened to me on a run!  I literally had to tie it together—wasn’t ideal, but it worked (now i know my lesson– have a backup).  Then the crappy socks I put on (I knew they were bad… but I couldn’t find any others… I forgot to look in the dryer) had caused my foot to start bleeding!!  I’ll have to make sure to tape up the backs of my feet so my upcoming races are not affected.  With all of that, I had an awesome outdoor run!  I’d really love to get under 1 hour for a 10k potentially this summer… and now I feel like I’m pretty close to that goal!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with my summer goals (I’ve decided to come up with some fun summer goals for myself and with this weather, I feel like it’s time to get ready for summer!) and Friday I’ll look forward to this weekend’s races!

Enjoy the week ahead 🙂



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