Crazy 3 Weeks!

Well, after this weekend, the next 3 weekends will be absolutely hectic in terms of running!  I’ll be doing 3 states in 2 weekends… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It will start next weekend on Friday April 24th with the Illinois Marathon weekend.  I’m running in the Mini I- Challenge which is the 5k on Friday night and the 10k on Saturday morning.  This worked out great for my marathon training schedule as the long run for that weekend is 7 miles (I’ll do a .8 mile warm up before the 10k).  It’s another 5k that I won’t be racing—perhaps this summer I’ll look for a 5k to actually race!  I’ll be doing both races with two different friends who will be doing their very first races!  I told them that I won’t be leaving them in the dust and I’ll stick with them the whole time to encourage them along.  Someday, I want to go back to the Illinois Marathon weekend to do the half marathon as Champaign is SUPER flat!  I know Lauren would like to do it someday and I know she’ll get a HUGE PR!  That girl has been getting PRs left and right on hilly courses… I think she could be wicked fast on a flat course.

The following weekend is the BIG weekend… Half Marathon Saturday and  Full Marathon Sunday.  After I was done with Disney in January, I decided I wanted to take on another challenge.  In hindsight, I must have been delusional and high on Disney goodness.  I was already signed up for the Indy Mini (I’ve been signed up since May 2014), but I always wanted to do the Flying Pig in Cincinnati.  I had planned to do the half marathon in Cincinnati at some point, but the full marathon medal was hands down more amazing than the half.  I know medals are trivial, but when you’re a bling junkie like I am… a white ribbon with the race printed on it and a medal that’s super small for a half are just not going to cut it.  So, I made the decision to run the full in Cincinnati.  I figured out a plan that worked with my work schedule, my other 3 halves that I had scheduled from February-April, and I put the plan into motion.  I’m happy to say that I successfully completed 6 back to back running weekends (I never skipped a Saturday or Sunday run!) and I’ve gotten everything done!  I’m just ready for this weekend to be here and over with so I can focus on just one race at a time.

And finally six days after Cincinnati, I will be headed to Kansas with Lauren to run Running with the Cows Half Marathon.  First off, I was able to work it into my hectic schedule.. so why not?!  Also, I absolutely loved the medal last year and the race promised tons of food at the end!  I’m not expecting much time wise from this race (I’ll probably be running on dead legs at that point), but I’m just expecting a good time with my sister!  Sadly, we usually only get to run one race together a year and I thought Disney was going to be our only race of 2015.  But when I figured out that the race was only 4 hours from St Louis… I asked Lauren if she could take off work on Friday and join me!  She made the request that evening and by the next morning, it was approved!

And then folks, it will be crickets on the half marathon front for me until Dumbo Double Dare in September in Disneyland!  I was considering trying to run a race in Montana in July, but it really is expensive and I would like to enjoy Disneyland, finally get some patio furniture, get a bedroom set and purchase new drapes in the next six months.  After Dumbo, it will be pretty tame with possibly the Chicago Marathon, Des Moines Half (I can drive) and then the Route 66 Half in Oklahoma in November.



One thought on “Crazy 3 Weeks!

  1. Woah! What a schedule. Good luck with all your races coming up.

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