Weekly Recap


Monday, April 6th: 4.31 miles running OUTSIDE (10:26 pace)

Tuesday, April 7th: Rest Day

Wednesday, April 8th: 4.22 miles treadmill running (10:40 pace)

Thursday, April 9th: Rest Day

Friday, April 10th: Rest Day

Saturday, April 11th: 10 miles walk/run outside (12:58 pace)

Sunday, April 12th: 20 mile run outside (11:37 pace)

And with that, my long runs for the Flying Pig Marathon are over!  The next two weeks seem like nothing compared to all the work I have been having to do!

The weather here has been absolutely great!  I only had to do my Wednesday run on the treadmill because I had to work a little later than usual.

The weekend running was absolutely hectic!  I had to help out at a special event at work on Saturday, so I got up early to do the 10 miles before work.  I’m sure glad I did because I was on my feet for the entire day!!  Normally during special events, I’m running around, but at this event since it wasn’t my own, I was working a concession stand the whole time (popcorn, cotton candy.. you know the good stuff!).  Needless to say, I was a little nervous about my big final training run on Sunday.

My two other twenty milers have not gone according to plan.  The first one was 7 outside and 13 on the treadmill where I practically gave up after every mile on the treadmill.  The second one was two weeks ago but I had to work so I had to split it up in two ten milers about 4 hours apart from one another.  I really needed this one to go well.

My hips had a different story… they were not happy after 10 miles on Saturday and the 8 hours on my feet afterwards.  Since I knew it was going to be tough work, I only had 1 goal in mind… just break 4 hours for the 20 miler.  If I had to walk a little bit more often, then so be it.  In the end, I did end up walking a little more than I would have liked but I finished and in my goal time, so that’s all that matters!  The weather was absolutely perfect… I even got a sunburn… yikes!  Time to start putting on the sunscreen again!!

I’m very excited about the taper!  I’m ready for it!!  This weekend will be just a quick 6 mile run and then the following weekend is the Illini running weekend… where I will be encouraging my two friends in their first ever races!!

Enjoy the week ahead!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Awesome! Congrats on making it to taper. I just tackled the last 20-miler for the NJ Marathon this weekend…and there’s NOTHING like the feeling of knowing you can practically kick back and relax (comparatively speaking, of course) until race day. 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your race. The darn hips right?!?!?!?

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