Weekly Recap

Monday, March 30th: Rest Day

Tuesday, March 31st: 4.23 miles running on treadmill (10:38 pace)

Wednesday, April 1st: Rest Day

Thursday, April 2nd: 4.14 miles running on indoor track (10:51 pace)

Friday, April 3rd: Rest Day

Saturday, April 4th: Oak Barrel Half Marathon (2:18:47 overall time at 10:36 pace)

Sunday, April 5th: Rest Day

Well folks.. half #13 is in the books!  It was a busy week with my final 2 Easter Special Events at work (10 Easter Bunny house stops on Tuesday and 215 people at an indoor waterpark egg hunt!!) so I was a bit worried about getting my runs in but I managed to fit it all in!

I got home around 9 pm on Thursday after my special event and after I finished double packing (one bag for the race weekend and then another bag for Easter Sunday at my parents house), I managed to get a bit of sleep before my alarm went off at 3:15 am.

My flight to Nashville was leaving at 7:15 am on Friday from O’Hare.  When I was at O’Hare two weeks prior, security was pretty hectic.  I figured with it being a holiday weekend, it would be awful and I didn’t want to miss my flight, so I wanted to make sure and have plenty of time!

I left my house around 3:45 and got to O’Hare around 4:30.  I parked the car and was thru security pretty quickly.  I was in a different terminal at O’Hare and it seemed like a normal day.  Oh well… better to be early than be running to the gate!

I got to Nashville, got my rental car and was on the road to Lynchburg a little after 9 am.  My plan was to head straight to the Jack Daniels distillery so I could take a tour!  The packet pickup didn’t start until 12 and it was right at the visitor’s center with Jack Daniels, so I knew I had plenty of time!

It took me about an hour and a half to get to Lynchburg and I got one of the last spots on the 11 am tasting tour at Jack Daniels!  They run tours constantly but only a certain amount are the tasting tours  (Moore County is actually a dry county, so they cannot have as many tasting tours as you’d think!).  I’m not a huge Jack fan but I wanted to definitely be on the tasting tour!  For $11, it was well worth it!!




The tour was almost 2 hours and was filled with fun facts about Jack Daniels, touring the distillery, and tasting 3 kinds of Jack (gentleman’s jack, single barrel and old number 7).  If you ever do this race, I’d highly suggest doing this tour as well!  Lynchburg is a super small town with one traffic light and a small town square, so there is not too much to do there!

After the tour, I was able to get a bottle with the race logo engraved on it!!  I had heard about this prior to signing up for the race and I knew this would be the souvenir I really wanted!!  I had no idea how much it would cost, but it was pretty reasonable (around $50 for the bottle and then $6 for the engraving—super reasonable).


While I was waiting for my engraving, I went in the visitor’s center to pick up my packet.  The race organizers had sent an email that week letting us know that it would be our race bib and the shirt and that was it at packet pickup.  They were right… it was no frills!  Not even a plastic bag!!  They had safety pins there for your bib, but nothing more!  The shirt is a quarter zip that is super comfortable… I love the logo and the black color!


I also picked up this sweet jacket (a little pricy, but since I barely spent anything at shamrock a few weeks ago, I didn’t feel bad) and this sticker that I had seen everyone have before (that was only $2).


After I got my bottle back engraved, I walked over to the town square for lunch (it was a short 5 minute walk from the Jack Daniels factory and I didn’t want to move the car).  I found the Barrel House BBQ and had this great plate of smoked sausage, corn on the cob and baked beans!  It was great and I’m glad I took the waitress’ recommendation on the smoked sausage.



After walking around the square and looking at the shops (I was tempted to buy some awesome stuff in the Jack Daniel’s store—seriously some awesome furniture), I decided that my lack of sleep was catching up with me and I should go find my hotel.  Since Lynchburg is so small, you have to go to a nearby town (about 14 miles away) to find a hotel.  I checked into my room and took the rest of the afternoon easy (caught up on the Kardashians) and then I made my way to Fazoli’s (cheap Italian food) for dinner.

After dinner, I went back to my hotel and watched as some crazy storms started rolling in.  There were tornadoes nearby, but none where I was.  Since the weather was so crazy, all the major networks were covering it which resulted in not much good tv being on.  I decided this was my sign to go to bed early.  I was exhausted and had a 5:00 am wake up call the next morning for the race!

I’ll be back on Thursday with the recap of the race!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. The bottle looks really cool! Looking forward to the recap.

  2. I LOVE THAT BOTTLE!!! I must sign up for this race next year…because I want a bottle just like that!

    • Haha.. yes, it was part of the reason I signed up too 🙂 It’s a great place for a half… sign up is in October.. find the facebook page and like it, they will tell you when registration opens. You must register the day of b/c it sells out within the day 🙂

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