It’s Time!

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The training is done and I’m heading out today for my “Midwest Goofy Challenge”!  I’ve created this name because I’m running a half marathon on Saturday at the Indy Mini and the full marathon on Sunday at Flying Pig in Cincinnati—just like the Goofy Challenge at Disney!  I decided to drive to my grandparents house on Thursday after work so it cuts down on my Friday drive by 40 miles 🙂

The plan is to leave Chicago early on Friday so I can be in Indianapolis around 10 am for the expo opening.  Since I lived in Indianapolis during my internship in college, I’m not really planning on exploring the city at all.  Instead, the plan is to leave the expo and head to Cincinnati!  I know it sounds crazy,  but I’d rather go to the expo in Cincinnati for two reasons.  One, I LOVE getting all the merchandise I absolutely want/like!  Especially with a marathon—one that is pig themed too—getting merchandise to show you finished is a HUGE deal!  You better believe I want people to know that I did a marathon… I wear my “I DID IT” Dopey shirt at almost every expo.   Secondly, I’d rather not be super rushed on Saturday.  Since I’m taking the half on Saturday slow (only goal is to break 3 hours), I would still like to get to my hotel to take a shower before I head to Cincinnati.  So it may sound crazy to drive out of the way on Friday, but in my mind, it’s worth it!

I’ll be having my times posted on Facebook and Twitter for Sunday at the Flying Pig… so look for those!  I’ll be heading to a pasta dinner on Saturday night before Sunday… I wish there was a pasta dinner in Indy on Friday night, but I will take what I can get :).

I’ll be back with a full recap next week—expect Dopey and Shamrock-like recaps—I hate when recaps never end.  Because you know… I have another half marathon next weekend…



One thought on “It’s Time!

  1. WOOHOO! Go, girl! You’ve got this! Have an AWESOME “Midwest Goofy” this weekend. Can’t wait for those recaps! 😀

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