It’s Time To Sham-Rock!!

It’s finally the day I leave for the Shamrock Weekend!!  I love St. Patrick’s Day, so I knew this race was for me to complete my Virginia half marathon!  I was so excited to experience it all with Kathryn (Dancing2Running)… my high school friend… and we both decided if we were going to do Shamrock weekend, we might as well go big or go home and sign up for the Dolphin Challenge (8k on Saturday and half on Sunday). 

I’ll be leaving Chicago early today and landing in Washington DC around mid-morning.  Kathryn is going to pick me up and we’ll head to Virginia Beach in the afternoon.  

We plan to hit up the expo to pick up our bibs and goodies on Friday and then enjoy a good dinner!

As I stated at the beginning of the year, I was really looking forward to this being my big PR race of the year.. hopefully breaking 2:15.  While I still really want this to be the goal, I don’t think this is realistic.  I’ve been really busy/stressed out at work lately and I’m not running so well.  I’m tired… running seems like work instead of fun (I blame this on marathon training!!).  My runs this week were decent but not under the 10:15 pace that I need to be to PR.  We’ll see how it goes as you better believe I’ll be trying to get a PR!  

I’ll be back next week with a full recap of the race, expo and fun in VA Beach!



One thought on “It’s Time To Sham-Rock!!

  1. Looking forward to seeing you down there either tonight or we will meet up down there tomorrow!

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