St. Patrick’s Day Parade Run (5 Miler) Preview


Tomorrow will be my first race this month, and it is one of my favorite races of the year. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade 5 mile race in downtown St. Louis is the unofficial kick off to the racing season. Thousands of people of all ages and skill levels compete in this race.

Last year the weather was perfect for the middle of March, and it looks like tomorrow should be the same! The high for the day is 63 and with a 9AM start, it should definitely be getting warmer when we begin.

I picked up my race shirt and bib on Thursday before I went to work. I really like the shirt this year as it is still a tech running shirt, but it is much softer than the ones I am used to. The packet pickup was quick and painless and I was happy to pick it up early, instead of try to get it with thousands of other people before the race tomorrow.

Last year, my time was 42:47, so my number one goal is to beat this time. But I want to do more than just beat that time, I am looking to go under 40 minutes for 5 miles. My out of this world, probably never going to happen goal, would be to place in the top-10 for my age group. There are over 13,000 people running and many very elite runners, so this is not likely. But hey, it’s something to shoot for!

I will have a full recap up next week. I hope you all have an awesome weekend and good luck if you have any races going on!



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