Weekly Recap


Monday, March 2nd: Rest Day

Tuesday, March 3rd:  4.19 miles running (10:44 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, March 4th: Rest Day

Thursday, March 5th 4.26 miles running (10:34 pace on treadmill)

Friday, March 6th: Rest Day

Saturday, March 7th: 8.5 miles run/walk (13.02 pace OUTSIDE!!)

Sunday, March 8th:  20 miles!! (7 miles OUTSIDE at 10:55 pace + 13 miles on treadmill at 10:45 pace= 10:49 combined pace)

What a crazy running week!!  Thank god work was pretty calm for me because I had a ton of running to do this weekend.  When I was making my marathon training schedule, I knew that making sure that I got 3 twenty milers in was important (that is what I did for Dopey and it worked like a charm for me!) so I mentally prepared myself for the first one of this cycle!

But first, I did get in my 8.5 mile run/walk (I do 1.5 minutes of running for every 5 minutes… works great for me since I’ll be doing a half on Saturday in May in Indy and then the full in Cincinnati the next day) OUTSIDE!!  We didn’t get any new snow this week and on Saturday, it hit 43 degrees!!  I could see parts of the sidewalk, so I decided to try and get in the miles outside.  Unfortunately, there were still a few slick stops… that’s why my pace was not awesome…. but the majority of the run/walk paths were GREAT!  It was my first run outside in Illinois since January 31st!

Then with the time change on Sunday, I didn’t get out of the house as early as I would have liked.  Although I was delaying my run for a bit hoping it would warm up… it was 38 degrees on Sunday.  My plan was to do as many miles as I could outside before heading inside to finish up the miles on the treadmill.  Well, the colder temps meant that the puddles that I ran thru the day before had frozen up to ice!  I did as much as I could outside safely (7 miles) before heading inside to finish the rest on the treadmill (13 miles).  I won’t lie… it sucked.  I was tired, exhausted and wanted to throw in the towel after 15 miles.  The last 5 were horrible.  I know every run won’t be great and marathon training is no joke.  I’m not expecting anything awesome at this marathon—I just want to finish around 5:15 or less (ideally I’d love a marathon PR but Cincinnati is much hillier than Disney!).  I love half marathon training… but marathon training sucks!  I’ll be happy when this cycle is over and I’ll get a bit of a rest from marathon training until Chicago which hopefully I’ll get in!!

I’m looking forward to a calmer running week—thank goodness because I have a busy work week!  I have 4 hours of interviews for my outdoor pool staff on Tuesday, Shamrock special event and getting ready for my biggest special event on March 28th.  Plus I have to still get ready for SHAMROCK WEEKEND!!  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a half marathon as much as I’m looking forward to this one!  Well, maybe Nike DC for my Tiffany necklace.  But this race combines my two favorite things—ST PATRICKS DAY and running!  What could be better?!

Have a great running week!



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