Weekly Recap


Monday, February 23rd: Rest Day

Tuesday, February 24th:  4.33 miles running (10:23 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, February 25th: Rest Day

Thursday, February 26th 4.31 miles running (10:27 pace on treadmill)

Friday, February 27th: Rest Day

Saturday, February 28th: 5 miles running (10:27 pace on treadmill)

Sunday, March 1st:  Rest Day

What a great running week for me!  It was so nice to have a bit of a break where my long run was only 5 miles.  Again, all the runs were done on the treadmill as the sidewalks are still not cleared.  The weathermen have said that the future extended forecast (not this upcoming week but the next) has temperatures in the 50s.  That makes me so happy.  Once theses sidewalks get cleared, I’ll be out there for sure.  I’ll run in cold temps but not icy… falling down is just not worth it in my book!

I did all my runs this week at a 4:15 run and 45 second walk— which worked out great!  In order to give myself the best chance at a PR at Shamrock, I’m going to try my best to do these intervals the whole time 🙂

Even though I’m super careful when I have to walk my dog outside and walking out in the ice, I did take a fall on Thursday!  I had a staff outing playing Pickleball which is basically tennis with a whiffleball.  I wasn’t originally scheduled to play but I was filling in for a staff member who couldn’t play.  I normally skip out on staff outings where I might get hurt—the last outing was the day before I left for Austin (they played Walleyball)—and it was a good thing I didn’t participate because one staff member got a concussion!  Basically while I was playing Pickleball, I was going for the ball and my shoe slipped off and I fell face down on the court!  My back was jacked up for a day, I got a huge bruise on my knee and a bit of a bruised ego.  I still went for my scheduled run afterwards on Thursday, but after a minute, I had to stop and stretch and it was very difficult.  By Saturday’s run, I was back to normal!

This week is back to the crazy running schedule.  My weekend will include an 8.5 mile run/walk on Saturday and a 20 miler on Sunday.  I desperately want to get outside for these runs!  It’s supposed to be in the 30s this weekend which would be great, but we are also supposed to have nasty weather come thru on Tuesday.  Is it spring yet?!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with the news of my NYC hopes… we’ll see!!  I’ve heard you find out right away if you get in based on if your credit card is charged, so once I see that credit cards are charged on twitter, I’ll know if I got in or not 🙂



One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Good luck on NYC and good luck on getting outside for that long run. I cannot imagine 20 miles on a treadmill!!!

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