Weekly Recap


Monday, February 23rd: Rest Day

Tuesday, February 24th: 6 miles running, Insanity Max 30

Wednesday, February 25th: 9 miles running

Thursday, February 26th: Insanity Max 30

Friday, February 27th: 4 miles running

Saturday, February 28th: 30 minutes elliptical, Insanity Max 30

Sunday, March 1st: 6 miles running, 21 Day Fix Extreme

I am less than a month away from my next half marathon! The Run the Bluegrass Half is at the end of March and I am SO looking forward to it! I keep reading past race reviews, and know that I am in for a challenge with all the hills on the course, but also am in for an awesome race experience!

My training this week was a little weird, because I actually did my long run on Wednesday. I was supposed to be away in Chicago for the weekend, so Wednesday was the best day for me to complete my long run for the week. Well, it turned out that I couldn’t go to Chicago because a lot of the Midwest got another snowstorm! Ugh. This happened a few weeks ago when I supposed to visit, and I was super bummed again that we had to cancel at the last minute because of the weather! I am now just planning to go in May or June, and there better not be a snowstorm then, OR ELSE!!

I have been feeling really strong throughout all my runs. I feel like I am getting faster and feel like I could keep going even when my run is complete, so that is a really great feeling going into the last few weeks of training for the half!

Also, I thought I should clear something up about Kathleen’s post last Friday. I DID put my name into the NYC Marathon lottery, but at the last minute I decided to pull my name out. I forgot to tell Kathleen so that’s why she posted that I was in the lottery on Friday. I felt like I got caught up in the moment when I put my name in and wasn’t really thinking it through. Some year I would definitely love to do the race, but not this year. I just got done training for a marathon with Disney, and I just don’t feel like doing all the long runs during the hot St. Louis summers. I also realize that my focus is on getting faster and getting PR’s at my half marathons, and I feel that for me speedwork disappears when training for a marathon. I will do a marathon again someday probably, but I don’t want to do another one in 2015!

I hope everyone has a great week!



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