Happy Wednesday! And FINALLY… a post!


I want to say sorry to everyone for this being the first post of the week! Sunday was busy with running, work and then an Oscars party, so I got home really late and could not write a post that night. And then on Monday, our stupid Internet was down so it was a no-go again! Thus, here is a middle of the week weekly recap!

Monday, February 16th: Rest Day

Tuesday, February 17th: 5 miles running, Insanity Max

Wednesday, February 18th: 6 miles running, Insanity Max

Thursday, February 19th: 7.17 miles running, Insanity Max

Friday, February 20th: Rest Day

Saturday, February 21st: Insanity Max

Sunday, February 22nd: 12 miles running

I finally felt back on track this week with my training for my next half marathon! I got all my runs in except for one on Saturday because we had really bad ice/freezing rain, so I didn’t want to risk it driving to the gym. There’s still a lot of snow on the ground and ice on the paths, so all of my runs have been on the treadmill. And while I use to call it the dreadmill and did anything not to go on it- I can’t lie – I have turned into a treadmill LOVER!! I love watching TV (I’m now addicted to the Duggars) and I find it easier to do speedwork on the treadmill. I really wish I had a treadmill of my own, but luckily my gym is only like a 5 minute drive so it isn’t that much of a hassle to get there.

This week I will continue to do some speed and hill workouts on the treadmill and get myself in PR shape for my half marathon at the end of March. I am also still doing Insanity Max 30 and still really enjoying it. The most difficult part is all of the pushups because I have like zero arm strength, but I am getting better at them (with my knees on the ground) and really feel like I am getting stronger in my arms and also my core!

I hope everyone is having a good week. We are almost (half way) to the WEEKEND!



2 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday! And FINALLY… a post!

  1. What time are you hoping for in your next Half? You have really been putting in a lot of miles so I am sure you will be able to get a PR.

  2. I’m hoping for a 1:50! Ideally would love under that, but if I could get 1:50 that would be awesome and then will shoot for under a couple weeks later at the GO! Half.

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