Getting Ready for Austin!


State #11 is coming up for me on Sunday! I’m so excited.  Even though it’s just been a month since my last race, it feels so much longer than that.   And the way I pay for races, it makes it that much easier on me. I’ve been registered for the race since June, I paid for the hotel in November and I paid for the flight in December.  All I have left is paying for my rental car (I’m doing that today!) and bringing money for food, souvenirs and such!

I’ll be flying from Chicago to Dallas to San Antonio (it was the earliest by transferring flights) and should be in San Antonio around noon on Saturday.  The plan is to drive from San Antonio to Austin and hit the expo up immediately!  They released some of the merchandise for this weekend and it is very cute!  The plan is to hit up some of Austin’s sights, find a good place to eat (this should be fun as it is Valentine’s Day) and then get to bed at a decent time.

The race is at 7:00 am on Sunday morning.  Afterwards, I’m planning on hitting up the food trucks at the race and any other goodies that I need to get before I leave Austin.  My plan is to head back to San Antonio—go to the Alamo and hopefully go to the Riverwalk before I head back to the airport to go home!

What’s my plan/goal for the race?  Ideally, I’d love to be under 2:20 for this race.  I know there are hills in the course and I’ve been experiencing hip pain lately.  Next weekend, I have a 17 mile run, so I don’t want to go out too fast but at the same time, it’s a race!  Honestly, like I always say, I’ll just try my best!

I cannot wait to show off the new bling with you all next week, tell you about the new race I signed up for on Tuesday, and share my plans for how I’m hoping to PR at next month’s half marathon!



One thought on “Getting Ready for Austin!

  1. Good luck!! I need to do a better job with 50 state strategy. Will be nice to enjoy the warm weather this weekend. I’ll try to spectate!

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