Weekly Recap


Monday, February 2nd: Rest Day

Tuesday, February 3rd:  4.24 miles running (10:36 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, February 4th: Rest Day

Thursday, February 5th:  4.12 miles running (10:56 pace on treadmill)

Friday, February 6th: Rest Day

Saturday, February 7th: 5.5 miles run/walk (13:14 pace on indoor track)

Sunday, February 8th: 15 miles running (10:41 pace on treadmill)

It’s back to marathon training people! It’s honestly a love/hate relationship with the big marathon training.  I love the challenge of running a marathon (it’s the best and worst thing all at the same time) but I hate training for the marathon distance!  It’ so much easier to train for half marathons—that is probably why I enjoy that distance the most anyways.  After Cincinnati in May, it will be nice to just focus on halves for awhile… of course if I get into the Chicago Marathon… I’ll be starting up my training again in no time.

Sadly, the 14 inch snow we got last weekend still has not gone away!  The temperatures were in the 40s on Saturday, but it wasn’t enough to make the sidewalks clear. I don’t have time (or sunlight) during the week to get my runs done outside (soon that will change as it is staying lighter later outside!), so the only time I can run outside is my weekend runs.  I took my 5.5 mile run/walk to the indoor track but I could not imagine doing 15 miles on the track (1 mile is either 9 or 10 laps!). Hopefully we won’t get any more huge snows and my next big run (in two weeks—ahh!!) can be done outside!

Well, I’ve got my next race this weekend—Austin Half Marathon!  I’ll be previewing my plans, my goals and everything Texas on Thursday!

Have a great running week!



One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Hahaha, exactly. It’s like, I really WANT to run another marathon…but I have little to no desire to put in the training for it. 😉 I keep saying that I’m going to “take a break” and just focus on half marathons for a bit, but then that never actually happens, haha.

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