What I’m packing during a long run!

Part 1: Accessories!


I wanted to take a little time to focus on my favorite items that I run with! From shoes, clothes and accessories… here are my top accessories must haves on a long run outdoors in the winter!

I will not leave the house if I don’t have my iPod fully charged, my Armpocket and my Yurbuds! Lately, I’ve started listening to podcasts (Serial was my favorite!) instead of music but if the podcasts aren’t loading correctly (that happened on my last long run!) than I will find a good playlist on Spotify.

I’ve been a loyal Armpocket user since Lauren and I were approached to test one out last year. I will not go on any run (treadmill or outdoor) without it!

When I started running, I used my iPod headphones. I quickly realized that these were not going to work as they always came out! I discovered Yurbuds and I haven’t gone back. They stay in with no effort!

I also always use my Garmin 220 (love it!) to track my distance. Unfortunately without a foot tracker, I cannot use my Garmin inside or on the treadmill. But it works like a charm outside! And it’s great to be able to plug in my Garmin into the computer afterwards to get the elevation and all other stats about the run.

My other must have during my outdoor runs is some sort of headband. I’m not picky just as long as it stays in place during the run! I’ve gathered so many headbands now from my runs that I have a lot to choose from 🙂

I’ll try to do a new post every week or two about my favorite running items!



2 thoughts on “What I’m packing during a long run!

  1. I love my garmin 220 also. I don’t have a for pod but i use it on the treadmill with no issues. Typically it is a little off from the treadmill but it does pick up distance and speed and tracks it.

  2. I am so happy with my Yurbuds!

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