Weekly Recap


Monday, January 26: Rest Day

Tuesday, January 27:  4.11 miles running (10:57 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, January 28: Rest Day

Thursday, January 29:  4.18 miles running (10:46 pace on treadmill)

Friday, January 30:  Rest Day

Saturday, January 31: 3 mile running (10:22 pace OUTSIDE)

Sunday, February 1: Rest Day

January’s running ended for me on Saturday totaling 113 miles for the month.  I was pretty happy about that number until I realized that 48.6 of those miles were done in four days.  Oh well, it’s still my second best mileage month (November 2014 was 122 when I was in the thick of Dopey training) and that’s coming off the Dopey Challenge earlier in the month.

Yesterday I got my monthly issue of Runners World and there was an article called “Hip Check” in there.  How does Runner’s World know that I’m having hip issues?!  Two weeks ago, I randomly noticed at work that my hip was bothering me.  I’m so stubborn that I just tried to ignore it.  Well, it’s still there (not as bad of a pain anymore) but definitely a wake-up call that I really need to do my hip exercises daily again. I had to go to physical therapy about 18 months ago and I don’t want to relive those days again.  Not only is PT expensive (insurance only helps so much) but I couldn’t run for a month.  So I’m going to try for at least 15 minutes everyday to foam roll and do hip exercises… especially since I have such a busy Spring running schedule!

It’s another busy running week for me with a 5.5 mile run/walk scheduled for Saturday and a 15 mile run on Sunday.  Right now they are predicting snow for next Sunday…. I really hope not as I’d love to complete both weekend runs outside!  Hopefully that groundhog will not see his shadow and winter will be over faster 🙂

Thankfully I got my run in on Saturday so I didn't have to go out in this mess on Sunday!

Thankfully I got my run in on Saturday so I didn’t have to go out in this mess on Sunday!



One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. I did my run on Saturday too before the storm. Whew! Awesome on those 113 miles in January.

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