Pumped for the Weekend!

It’s almost the weekend, January is almost over, and I am EXCITED! January always seems like the longest month to me, because it is usually the coldest and filled with never-ending snow. But, I will say, all of us in St. Louis have been quite lucky so far this winter because it has been far from the norm, and the weather for the most part has been pretty pleasant! We even had a few days in the 60s! So even though this month hasn’t been so bad, I am happy to see it come to an end because that means we are one month closer to Winter being over. And I HATE Winter!

So besides January coming to an end, here are 5 other things I am quite excited about:

5. My New Favorite Book


If you read the blog often then you probably know that I not only work at a library, but going along with that I LOVE to read! And nothing makes me more excited than finding a new great book. Last year I read 53 books, and this year I have challenged myself again to read at least 52 (one a week). Right now I’m at 6 for the month, and 2 weeks ago I read an amazing book that I had to share with you all. If you all loved the thrill of Gone Girl, then you will for sure love Paula Hawkins’ “The Girl on the Train”. It’s the hottest book out right now and with good reason – I finished it in a day because I could not put it down! If you are looking for a fun, a bit frightening, and page-turning read, look no farther than “The Girl on the Train”.

4. New Shoes


I have put almost 300 miles on my Nike Pegasus 31’s, so I thought it would be a good time to get a new shoe. While I love my Nikes, I enjoy switching it up every once in a while, so I got a pair of Saucony Triumph 11’s. So far I have worn them for one 5 mile run, and I really like them! I was drawn in by the colors and the price (only $60) on Amazon and would definitely recommend them for neutral shoe runners!

3. Signing up for the St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day Parade 5 Mile Race


I was a bit bummed when I looked at the local race calendar at the beginning of the year, and realized the one Saturday I have to work in March was the same Saturday that the St. Patrick’s Day 5 Mile race landed on. I love this race because it is the first race I ever ran in and I really wanted to continue to run in it each year. I told myself that it would be ok if I didn’t run in the race because I always could next year and there were other races out there for me that would work with my schedule. Well, just my luck the other day a fellow employee asked me to switch her Saturday in April with her and she would take my Saturday in March! So now I have to work two Saturdays in April, which is fine with me since this means I get to run in this race! This race really kicks off the race season in St. Louis and it is one of the biggest and best races of the year. I can’t wait to get back out there this year and beat my time from 2014!

2. Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon Training


So far, so good with my training for the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon which is in Kentucky at the end of March. I have been following an 8 week plan, and while it is quite challenging (running 5 days a week, with some speed work and hill training) I really am trusting in it and that if I follow it I will get a PR! I want to get a PR in every race I do, but I especially want to get one here because you get a special prize from the Race Director if you achieve a PR. I have read lots of reviews of the race, and many of them emphasize the challenging rolling hills of the course, but I am confident if I put the training in, I will get the results I want!

1. My Grandpa’s 80th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Finally, the thing I am most excited about is my Grandpa’s 80th Birthday Party tomorrow in Chicago. I can’t wait to see my family that I don’t get to see very often, and I am happy to celebrate such a special person. My Grandpa is one of my favorite people in the entire world. He is so supportive of me and always is there to talk to, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it! It will be such a great day. I am also excited that Lilli is coming and she gets to meet my grandparents for the first time, and to stay at Kathleen’s condo which I’ve only been to once!



3 thoughts on “Pumped for the Weekend!

  1. youre like the 4th person to recommend The Girl on the Train.. It’s def. on my list now!

  2. Those shoes look great – I’m a big Saucony fan 🙂 I hope they are still working out well for you!

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