Weekly Recap


Monday, December 29th: 40 minutes yoga, 1 mile walk

Tuesday, December 30th: 60 minute HIIT DVD

Wednesday, December 31st: 3 mile run, abs

Thursday, January 1st: 5 mile run, 40 minute cardio DVD, 20 minute HIIT DVD, 1.5 mile walk

Friday, January 2nd: 40 minute HIIT DVD

Saturday, January 3rd: 3 mile run, 30 minute cardio DVD, foam rolling/ stretching

Sunday, January 4th: 7 mile run, 30 minute HIIT video, 10 minute strength exercises, foam rolling/stretching


Happy New Year everyone! I am BEYOND excited right now, because I just have today left of work and then it is practically time for DISNEY!! Kathleen is getting to Disney today (yes, I’m jealous – I should have asked for an extra day off!) and I will be flying in tomorrow afternoon. I am very happy to be leaving the cold Midwest and headed to sunny Florida!

I had New Year’s Day off, so as you can see above I wanted to start the year off with plenty of exercise. I got a 5 mile done run outside, and then tested out my Insanity Max DVD’s that came in the mail last week. I can’t wait to really start the program the week after the marathon!

On Sunday, I completed my final long run of the marathon training plan with 7 miles. I was planning to run 8, but it was 15 degrees outside and my muscles were aching and my fingers starting to freeze, so I just decided to call it a day with 7 miles. Does anyone else have really intense muscle aches when you run in cold weather? I have gotten this feeling a few times  when the temperatures drop really low- it makes me feel extremely weak and I could barely even take off my gloves to get my key out of the pocket to open the door! It’s awful!

I am very excited to explore Disney World with my mom, Kathleen, and Aunt Dorie. I also can’t wait to see one of my best friends from college, Alek- he works at Disney and I haven’t seen him in ages! We have so much planned for the days leading up to the marathon – Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and more! Oh and of course we will root on Kathleen as she takes on the Dopey Challenge! It is bound to be a great vacation!

I am also of course hyped up for the marathon on Sunday. I feel so much different going into this marathon than my last (and first ever) marathon this past June. I know more of what to expect and I truly know that I can finish. I am not really looking for any particular time. I am hoping to do better than my time from June, but if I don’t- that’s ok! This race is going to be a lot of fun and even if I don’t do complete in a certain amount of time – I will be totally ok with that!

I will hopefully be able to post updates from Disney, but if not we will be back next week. Have a great week everyone! Maybe I will be lucky and get to see some of you in Orlando!




One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. See you in Orlando!

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