Weekly Recap



Monday, December 29th: Rest Day

Tuesday, December 30th: 4.16 mile run (10:49 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, December 31st: Rest Day

Thursday, January 1st: 4.17 mile run (10:46 pace on treadmill)

Friday, January 2nd: Rest Day

Saturday, January 3rd: 7.01 mile run (10:43 pace on treadmill)—foam rolled tight quads and IT band!

Sunday, January 4th: Rest Day—foam rolled tight quads

Well, winter finally came to the Midwest!  I had hoped to do my Thursday and Saturday runs outside, but with temperatures in the 20s on Thursday (my hands have been numb lately, so I didn’t want to make them any worse) and then we got snow/ice/sleet/rain on Saturday and more snow on Sunday, so both of those runs had to be done on the treadmill.

Now, just one more maintenance run will be done tomorrow evening before Dopey!  The original schedule called for the run to be done on Tuesday, but since I’m flying out on Tuesday evening and I have to work till noon, pack the last minute things, take my dog to my aunt’s house and get to the airport, I’m going to do the run on Mondayevening instead.  I have no doubt that I’ll be ready to go when I toe the starting line on Thursday.

It’s crazy to think that this time next week, I should be a marathoner!  Surreal… so many miles, hours of life taken away training, and mental toughness comes down to this.  After next weekend, I will finally make a decision about a few more races that I want to run in April and May.  If I decide to do all of these races, I will have 3 busy weekends in a row with a total of 5 races (that’s just 1 more than the Dopey Challenge and more time to recover!).  I made up my training schedule if I do decide to tackle all of the races and it’s crazy to say the least!  I really enjoy training though and if I don’t have a race to look forward to… I’m not a very good runner just to run 😦

I’ll have one more blog on Wednesday and then I’ll be back next week to recap it all!




2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Good luck! I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip once you’re back 🙂 And I’m the same way, not very good at getting out and running if I don’t have races to look forward to.

  2. Omg thats crazy to think! Cant wait to hear how it goes 🙂 you will rock it!

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