Kathleen’s 2015 Running Goals

Here are my 2015 running goals—I’m determined to make them happen again!

1. Break a 2:15 half marathon time

— Last year the goal was 2:20, now I know that 2:15 is reachable for me!  I came close in 2014, so I’m pretty sure I can do it in 2015!  I’ve heard that the Shamrock Half Marathon course in Virginia Beach is flat, so I’m hoping to make that the big goal race 🙂

2. Run at least 8 half marathons
— Right now I’m signed up for 5 half marathons thru May.  Since I completed 7 half marathons in 2014, I want to complete more in 2015!  I’m pretty sure I have three more races I want to sign up for (2 half marathons and 1 full marathon) and then potentially a double weekend in the fall.  8 halves should be no problem… barring that I do not get injured in 2015.

3. Incorporate cross training into the weekly schedule 

– I really need to get back into cross training. I really liked yoga but the instructor I enjoyed is too far away, so I need to sign up for yoga at my new job.  I am also going to get some weights so I can start weight training at home.  I’m going to make it a goal to do one cross training session a week—no matter what!

Here are some other goals I have for 2015 besides running:

1—Read 15 books

— Lauren is an avid reader and I used to really enjoy reading!  Unfortunately I make too many excuses but this year I’m going to get back into reading.  I’m hoping to read at least 15 books in 2015… hopefully more J

2—Make some home improvements

— I purchased my condo in August 2013 and have made some minor improvements in the year and a half I have owned the place—got a new dishwasher and painted the walls.  The goal for 2015 is to get new shades in the living room, get all my pictures/medals/other wall art up, and get a bedroom set.

3—Start saving for England/Scotland 2016 Trip

— I went to Ireland with my best friend in November 2013.  We had an amazing time… it was a trip I will never forget.  We are planning on doing a return trip to Europe to go to England and Scotland in November 2016.  In order to make the trip affordable, I am going to start saving now.  This means more meals at home (so I can keep doing my 50 state challenge too) and watching my money so that I can afford to pay for it when the trip comes around 🙂

If you thought 2014 was a big running year for me, 2015 better watch out!  The fifty state challenge will not complete itself on its own… so I’m determined to get to the finish line sooner rather than later J




4 thoughts on “Kathleen’s 2015 Running Goals

  1. Nice goals! England/Scotland seems like a fun trip – I have not been either of those countries.

  2. You should have no problem conquering that sub 2:15 PR at Shamrock. Virginia Beach is super flat!

  3. Shamrock is an awesome course and will be a great opportunity for you to reach your sub 2:15 goal. Maybe you will meet Christine that weekend too since she will be running the half!

  4. Thanks! I’m really looking forward to Shamrock!! 🙂

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