Weekly Recap


Monday, December 22nd: Rest Day

Tuesday, December 23rd: 4.30 mile run (10:28 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, December 24th: Rest Day

Thursday, December 25th: 4.13 mile run (10:54 pace outside)

Friday, December 26th: Rest Day

Saturday, December 27th: 6 mile run (10:39 pace outside)

Sunday, December 28th: 5k walk to the library and back

What a week!  I’m really happy that my crazy running week was last week so I could enjoy the holidays at home with my family.  I went to my parent’s house on Tuesday evening and had to head back home Christmas night since I had to work on Friday.  Working on Friday was not ideal, but it wasn’t that bad and now I only have to take two days off for my trip to Disneyworld 🙂

It hit me on Saturday that I only have 4 more runs until Disney!  I have one more long run (7 miles this weekend) and three 45 minute runs.  I’m going to start packing this week so next Monday is not so overwhelming.  I’m working next Monday and part of Tuesday, plus I have to take my dog to my aunt’s house on Monday night or Tuesday afternoon.  And I have a special event the weekend I come back from Disney, so I need to make sure I’m totally prepared for that as well before I head to Disney.

From now until Disney, I’m going to try and save my money so I can enjoy Disney!  I have lots of stuff I want to buy and I’ve already saved a lot too so I can enjoy the time I am in Disney 🙂

I’ll be back on Wednesday to recap how my 2014 goals went!




One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Ahhh, can’t believe it’s almost here! I do the same thing…I try to save up every dollar I can so I can justify all of my expo purchases, haha. 😉

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