Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Monday, December 15th: Rest Day
Tuesday, December 16th: 4.26 mile run (10:34 pace on treadmill)
Wednesday, December 17th: Rest Day
Thursday, December 18th: 4.25 mile run (10:35 pace on treadmill)
Friday, December 19th: 5 mile walk (13:51 pace outside)
Saturday, December 20th: 10 mile walk/run (12:44 pace outside)
Sunday, December 21st: 20 mile run (11:16 pace outside)

AMEN!! I am finally done with all of my long runs for Dopey Training!! Now it is less than 3 weeks away… exactly 2 weeks from today I will be leave to go to Disney!!

I was a little worried going into this week about the weather and if I was going to have enough time to complete all of my required training runs and walks. Dopey training is no joke—I’ve talked about it before. Unfortunately, my life has to get shifted around just to accommodate the trainings. Friday, I was supposed to meet my best friend downtown Chicago for our annual Christmas Day. We were going to meet at 10 am downtown but I had to get in my five miles. Knowing that I was planning on driving to my parents house that evening and I wanted to get the walk in outside (doing a walk on the treadmill just isn’t the same thing)—I had to get up super early so I could get the walk in before I went downtown, we walked forever downtown (thank god, we took a cab back at the end of the day… I knew my body was not going to do well the next few days if we didn’t), and then I drove 2 hours to my parents house.

On Saturday, I decided to make my 10 miles a walk-run kind of training. I walked the majority of the time, but when I saw a particularly straight distance, I ran—not that long, but none the less it wasn’t all walking. Ideally, I’d like to complete the half marathon in Disney in under 3 hours, but if I see a fun character, I may have to make an exception and do it in a bit longer time.

Then on Sunday, I woke up early and got in the 20 miler. It was really fun to do the long run again in my hometown… there are so many sidewalks and trails to explore. I did my last 20 mile run there as well and this one was completely different. That is why I really enjoy running there—you can explore so many different paths each run! I may have to come down there again for my next marathon training cycle again when I have to do 20 mile runs again.

Needless to say though, my body is looking forward to running shorter distances and marathon training truly makes me appreciate the half marathon distance. Half marathon training is no joke, but it doesn’t overtake your life like marathon training does.

We probably won’t be blogging too much over the next few days as Lauren and I are both heading home for the holidays today but we’ll be back at it late this week/early next week. I am especially looking forward to revealing my 2015 goals and recapping on how I did with my 2014 ones.



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