Weekly Recap – TAPER TIME!


Monday, December 15th: 40 minutes HIIT DVD, stretching

Tuesday, December 16th: 40 minutes HIIT DVD, 3.5 miles running, stretching

Wednesday, December 17th: 40 minutes kickboxing DVD, 5 miles running, 1.5 mile walk

Thursday, December 18th: 5 miles running, 1 mile walk, stretching

Friday, December 19th: 1 mile walk

Saturday, December 20th: 20 miles running, 1 mile walk, stretching

Sunday, December 21st: 3 mile walk, stretching

This was a pretty busy week for me, but I am happy to announce- IT IS TAPER TIME! YES! The Disney Marathon is only a couple weeks away, and it is time for me to slow down a little bit so that I will be ready and rested come race day.

I had an exercise-packed week as you can tell from my quick recap above. But the peak of the week was my 20 mile run on Saturday. I did this run at my parents since I was down for the weekend for the Christmas party (and will be back tomorrow for a few days for Christmas). I’m not going to lie, this run really challenged me and it was far from my best, but I was very happy I pushed through the pain and doubt and completed all 20 miles. It was cold and dreary outside and my body was achy, but I made it! I kept telling myself I just had to get through this run, and then the training would be all downhill until race day.

This week is going to be much easier and I have a 10 mile race planned for Saturday. I signed up for this race on a whim a week ago, but today I looked at the weather forecast and it is supposed to be quite chilly on Saturday. I don’t want to push myself too hard during taper time, so I will see how I feel on Saturday and then I will decide whether or not I want to do this race. If not, then I will just go to the gym and complete my “long” run inside.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and Happy Holidays to all!!



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