Weekly Recap


Monday, December 8th: Rest Day

Tuesday, December 9th:  40 minutes pilates, 40 minute HIIT workout

Wednesday, December 10th: 8 miles running, 30 minutes strength training

Thursday, December 11th 5 miles running, 1.5 mile walk

Friday, December 12th: 5 miles running, 2 mile walk

Saturday, December 13th: Rest Day

Sunday, December 14th: Hot Chocolate 15K, 2 mile walk

Another week of marathon training done, and I am another week closer to the big day – January 11th- Walt Disney World Marathon here I come! This week was pretty good for me. I am getting in a lot of different types of cross training, as well as getting all my required runs in. I am doing the Holiday Sweat Challenge, so I think it has greatly motivated me in doing the extra cross training activities even when I want to make a million excuses why I don’t need to do them! I am not only competing with others, but being motivating by others exercise posts on Facebook and it has definitely given me the extra boost to really exert myself in my training.

Sunday, I ran in the Hot Chocolate 15K. I can’t even describe to you how thankful I am that the weather cooperated and we had an absolutely beautiful morning to run in! I don’t think I will ever get so lucky again for this race, you don’t usually get 50 degree weather in the middle of December in St. Louis. Along with the perfect conditions, I ran a pretty great race and achieved my goals! But more on that later in the week in my race recap.

Like Kathleen, this is my last big week of training until I taper. I will be going home on Saturday and plan to do my 20 mile run when I get there. I know Kathleen scheduled hers for Sunday, but since that is the day of the Christmas party when our family is coming, I don’t want to be exhausted the entire day! So hopefully I can convince her that it is better to get it done on Saturday. If not, I will just be running without her! The weather is going to be chilly, around 30 degrees, but given that it is my last long run of this training, I think that will be all the motivation I need to complete it.

Also, an update on another race I will be running in. The Hot Chocolate 15K was going to be my last race of 2014, but then I found out about the Frostbite Series. This is a series of races in the winter months in St. Louis. There are several and you can register for all of them for one lump sum, or you can register for each individual race for only $20. On December 27th, there is a 2 mile and 10 mile race (there is always a short and long distance), so I signed up for the 10 miler because I am supposed to run around that distance anyways on that day. I thought it sounded like a fun race, and let’s face it – I can’t get enough of races so of course I would sign up!

Hope everyone has a great week and that you are all getting your Holiday sweat on!!



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