Weekly Recap


Monday, December 1st: Rest day

Tuesday, December 2nd: 5 miles running

Wednesday, December 3rd: 5 miles running, 40 minutes HIIT workout

Thursday, December 4th: 5 miles running, 1 mile cool down walk

Friday, December 5th: 40 minutes yoga, 1.5 mile walk

Saturday, December 6th: 19 miles running, 20 minutes stretching

Sunday, December 7th: 1 hour walk with Lilli, 40 minutes of yoga

This past week I completed another long training run, and now we are about a month away from Disney! I am getting really excited/nervous and cannot believe it is almost time for my second marathon.

My 19 mile run on Saturday went well, despite some problems at the start. I got to my favorite trail and was all ready to go. It was pretty nice outside (upper 30’s) and I was determined to have a good run. I started running, felt great, and as I passed the .5 mile marker on the trail I looked at my Nike+ app on my phone. I had not started it yet! I thought no big deal, I’ll start it now and then just do an extra .5 miles. That .5 miles I just did could just be my warmup! Well I started the app, and then 2 minutes later my app told me I had reached .5 miles. I have gotten faster this year, but I am no where close to, nor will I ever be, a 4 minute mile! So, I decided to not waste my time trying to re-calibrate the app, and decided to just follow the mile markers on the trail. I knew what time I began, so I would just enter the run into the Nike+ app after. I am very happy that I was on a trail with mile markers every .5 miles, as I definitely needed this help on this run!

The rest of the long run went pretty smoothly. I went at a really easy pace and enjoyed listening to my audiobook. I was tired at the end, but it wasn’t completely awful. I only have one more long run (20 miles) in two weeks, and then the taper begins!

This Sunday, I have my last race of 2015 – the Hot Chocolate 15K. I am looking forward to this race as I have never ran in a 15K before (automatic PR woot woot) and it will be good for me to have one more race under my belt before the big one in January! And of course, you get loads of chocolate at the end of this race, so that is definitely worth running for.

Before I go, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis Kathleen! I won’t reveal her age, but I will say this is the last year she can say she is in her twenties. HA! Have a great day sister! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks for the Christmas party 🙂 Love you!

Have a great week everyone! I will be back on Thursday with a preview of the Hot Chocolate 15K St. Louis.



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