Weekly Recap



Monday, November 17th: 21 Day Fix DVD

Tuesday, November 18th: 21 Day Fix DVD

Wednesday, November 19th: 8 miles running on the indoor track

Thursday, November 20th: 5 miles running on the treadmill

Friday, November 21st: 5 miles running on the treadmill

Saturday, November 22nd: 11 miles running outside

Sunday, November 23rd: 1 hour on the elliptical

This was my first really rough week I have experienced during my training for the Walt Disney World Marathon. First of all, I had to take the majority of my runs inside to the indoor track or treadmill because of the cold weather. Like many, I hate the treadmill so I was not happy about having to use it, but knew I had to in order to get my training runs complete.

My long run on Saturday was supposed to be 18 miles, but my body was basically shutting down after 10 miles and I could barely get to 11! I think this is because I had three pretty long runs the days prior without any sort of rest. My legs were just screaming at me to stop and my hip flexor was hurting immensely. I didn’t want to not finish all the miles in my long run, but I knew it would be a bad idea to keep going when I was in so much pain. So I stopped after 11 and decided to do 18 miles this weekend instead. This actually works out because I can run with Kathleen when we are at home for Thanksgiving, and I was supposed to only have 13 miles for my long run this week, so I can just basically switch the weeks.

I feel much better today and am ready to take on this training week and follow it exactly so that I hopefully don’t have any more issues. I am going to do my weekday runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then give my body a rest on Friday so that I will be ready for the long 18 mile run on Saturday.

I am very excited about this week for a few reasons. One, yesterday started the #HolidaySweat Challenge which many of you are probably participating in and know about. I am excited for the extra motivation to exercise and eat well during the holidays and am looking forward to taking on the challenge and meeting others who are also doing it.

Also, tomorrow it is my birthday and I turn 27! It kind of stinks because of have to work until 9, but I will probably celebrate it with my family on Thursday when I go home for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is obviously another thing I am looking forward to like most people. I will have 3 days off and I can’t wait to relax and hang out with my family.

I hope everyone has a great and safe week, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Good idea stopping your long run. It is important to realized when you are having “bad” pain. It is much better to have fewer miles and not hurt your body.
    Happy birthday and have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy early birthday! And it definitely makes sense to switch up your long runs since you were in pain. Plus, it sounds so much more fun that you’ll be able to do the run with your sister.

    • Thank you! yes, it ended up being a really good idea to switch up my long run weekends because I had a much better day yesterday! I am very happy that I decided to listen to my body when it was telling me to stop

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Bummer about the long run but good for you for listening to your body.

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