2014 Recap Part 2

Last week, I recapped my first 6 races of 2014, so today I’m going to recap the final 6 races of 2014.


– I always wanted to run the Chicago 10k and this year with a new job, I was able to finally sign up!  The race had a great tech shirt and a huge medal.  I was super excited to meet a fellow Dopey runner at this race and I really enjoyed how I could do packet pickup the day of the race (I paid $10 to do that… well worth the expense!).  *RECAP*


-My next race was first double racing weekend.  On Saturday, I completed a 5k during the weekend of the Healthy Human Race in Rochester, Minnesota.  I took the 5k exactly the same way I want to take the 5k in Florida in January—nice and slow.  I got a fun medal and my first official 5k race.  *RECAP*

-The day after the 5k was the half marathon, the real reason for making the trip to Minnesota.  I enjoyed the speaker series at the expo—Jeff Galloway and Apolo Ohno—and this was the first race where I was able to walk from the hotel to the start line (great Priceline find).  The half marathon went fairly well except for a huge hill which almost lasted a mile in the middle of the race!  The bling was fun and I’m glad I made this my Minnesota half!  *RECAP*


-My Dopey training called for a half marathon to be done in September and I thought what a better excuse than to do another state?!  After a little research, I decided to do the Omaha Half.  While the organization and elements could have been better (also I had a crazy ordeal with my rental car), I almost had a PR—9 seconds short.  *RECAP*


-When I got my new job in July, I was nervous about all the races I had already registered for.  Ultimately, I was/am able to complete all but one of them!  Detroit was one of the ones that I was able to complete.  The experience crossing into Canada over the bridge and then coming back into the USA in a mile long underwater tunnel was incredible.  The expo was huge, the medal was nice but the weather was very cold (30s).  Crossed another state off the list!  *RECAP*


-My final race of the year was the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago.  I always wanted to run this race and I’m glad I finally got to.  The swag and the medal were nice, but this is a one and done deal for me.  The race had over 40,000 people and the corrals, while enforced, were filled with people who were not being honest about their times at all. *RECAP*

2014 was a busy racing year for me!  I’m gearing up for an even busier 2015.  I currently have 9 races that I’m already registered for and that only gets me thru the beginning of May!  I’m expecting summer to be a bit slower and then a few busy weekends in the fall :).




One thought on “2014 Recap Part 2

  1. The Detroit Half seems pretty cool – would be good for a 50 State half!

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