Weekly Recap



Monday, November 10th: Rest day

Tuesday, November 11th:  4.22 miles running (10:40 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, November 12th: Rest Day

Thursday, November 13th 4.24 miles running (10:36 pace on treadmill)

Friday, November 14th: Rest Day

Saturday, November 15th: 8.5 mile walk outside (14:55 pace for 7.75 miles—then phone died)

Sunday, November 16th: 20 mile run (10:33 pace on TREADMILL—AHH!!)

Well, I did it!!  I completed my first 20 miler on route to the Dopey Challenge in January!  To say I’m getting excited now is an understatement.  The final RunDisney race before Marathon Weekend was held this weekend, so now it’s all excitement towards Marathon Weekend.  I just have seven more weeks of training left.  Two big running weekends are left and both of those weekends, I will be in my hometown, so I’ll be able to run on the Constitution Trail (a great running trail that goes all over the town!).  I’m hoping that Lauren will be willing/able to do on these long runs and walks with me too, so it doesn’t make it so lonely!

As you noticed above, I had to do my 20 mile run on the treadmill.  The original plan was to do the run outdoors, but when I went to bed on Saturday night, it was already snowing and I knew there was a good chance I’d have to do the run indoors.  When I woke up on Sunday, the sidewalks were still snow packed and I decided it was not worth an injury running on potentially slick surfaces.  I’ve come too far to slip, fall, and not be able to do the Dopey Challenge.  The 20 miler on the treadmill was not as horrible as I thought it would be.  I basically did it in hour long segments.  The treadmill only lasts an hour, so I’d run an hour, refill my water bottle and then start up again.  I saw two fellow co-workers during my run too, so that was really encouraging as well and helped break up the time.  Unfortunately, my new garmin that I bought only works outdoors so I had to rely on my phone.  Well, at 17 miles it was just about to die, so I had stop and recharge my phone.  My goal was to complete the run in 4 hours, but I successfully completed it in 3:30:59!  I’m really hoping to do the marathon in about 5 hours (the whole goal is just to finish and be under 16 minute pace) and after today, I only had a 10k left to complete the marathon—which I think I could easily complete in 1 hour and 30 minutes!!  Hopefully my training will continue to go well so I can keep going come marathon day.

This week is much easier—only two 45 minute runs and a 7 mile run on the weekend.  Work is also a bit calmer too and I just need to finish up a few projects before Thanksgiving week (2 day work week for me).

Happy running and stay injury free!




One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. WOW…you ran a 20-miler on a treadmill?!?! Go girl! I’m not sure I could EVER do that. You’ve totally got this! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s almost time for WDW Marathon Weekend already…so excited!

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